Tuesday, March 15, 2016

03/15/16 - Madi's New Locks

I got scrappy over the weekend!
Actually I should say I got "crafty" because I also worked on Art Journal pages, but since this post is about a scrapbook layout, I'm choosing to say "scrappy".
I created 2 layouts:  the one I shared yesterday which was created for a DT assignment MIM #56.

And the one I am sharing today which was for fun (but just so happened to also fit 5 different Scrapbook.com challenges, LOL!):

"Madi's New Locks"
Journaling: "And 'boom' ... just like that I win the "Cool Mom of the Year" award! I took Madi
to get her hair the way she's been wanting it... Madi's new, shorter, purple locks!
I'm so jealous! 3.5.16 'The Glam Box Salon' - Redlands"
Madison has been wanting her hair short for years!!!
My husband was not to thrilled w/ the idea of his daughter cutting all her hair off so the shortest he would agree to was a little below chin length and a simple "bob" design.
Madi was also wanting color in her hair.
The first time we put color in it was blue, and he said,  "just a few streaks". The second time was red and he didn't say anything, but I think he was thinking the same thing, "just a few", I had the hairdresser put in more than a "few" and he was a bit upset; I think he was actually more shocked than anything (Madi's Red Hair).
Madison REALLY loved it though!
Seeing my daughter so happy w/ her look, especially since her self-esteem is going through a low phase,  (You Don't Know You're Beautiful) , made me happy too!
So when it came time to do her hair again I asked her to tell me what she wanted...
She said "short and purple"... I though, "oh your dad's going to hate it!". But I also thought... it's just hair, it grows back, the color can be dyed back, it's not a permanent change....
So I decided to just let her do it.
Though we kept one side long, because she likes to hid behind her hair, and completely short hair wouldn't allow her to do that...plus we just think it's a really cool style"!
I did warn my husband beforehand, and either he wasn't listening (or was in denial) or he didn't grasp
how significant the change was, but when he saw it he was beyond "Not a Happy Camper".
I think he didn't "talk" to us for like 2 days...when he did talk there was a whole lot of, "I hate it"...LOL
I knew that might happen, but honestly, I didn't care.
I knew he'd get over it and I was just happy that my daughter was happy!
The way I see it, this is her time to experiment.
We have the money and I have the resources to find a good hairdresser, both things my mom didn't have when I was young. And truly, her hair is the only thing she cares about (well besides music). She really doesn't ask for anything.
When she gets older she may not have the freedom.
I'm dealing w/ that dilemma now, I wish I could dye my hair those type of colors, but at 40, yeah it's a bit late in game.
So yeah, we did it.. and we don't regret it for a second!

If your thinking the first photo doesn't exactly "fit" it's because I had to use a random photo of Madi from my archives. 'Silly me' forgot to take a "before" picture prior to the start of the cut & color. Duh! Luckily I got some "during" and, of course, "after" photos.
The "before" photo is only a month old though so it was a great representation of what her hair looked like prior.

I had so much fun w/ this layout, just adding all the fun little embellishments, that I almost don't mind that I pretty much hid the main starting element: the purple circle, LOL!
Yes, that's right... the purple circle peeking out behind the bottom photo was supposed to be a major part of the layout but I just kept going w/ the embellishments and eventually I realized it could barely be seen! Oh well, sometimes a design goes in it's own direction and luckily, like in this case, that direction ends up in a layout I love!

*Note: black sticker above bottom photo(s) says "THIS JUST HAPPENED" in gold.
I'm finding these stickers don't photograph well.

-This is layout #16 for 2016
 Total Layout count so far =17


  1. Very fun!!! And yes, it is just hair that will grow :)

  2. Love it! I'm impressed that it fits 5 challenges! Her hair is cute, but what matters most is that she feels good with it. I'd say that it's absolutely not too late for you to do some crazy colors. Perhaps wash out color just to try it and be able to get rid of it if your husband hates it!

  3. I love the layout and love even more the story behind it.
    It's so important to let our kids make their own choices when it's not something it will affect their lives forever. There are so many "no" we must tell them all the time that we must have some "yes" whenever possible. Besides, if they make a mistake, they'll learn from the experience (again, I'm only talking about small stuff).
    As usual you did a great job with your page.

  4. I loveeeeee this and I love her hair!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lobe love this layout! I am ALL FOUR colored hair and expressing yourself. I myself had raspberry colored highlights and LOVE them! You should try area highlights from yourself, it won't be as bold as regular highlights. I think you'd love them! Tell your daughter I think she is so beautiful with her new hair!

  6. It looks great and what an awesome lo tomshowcase it :) What's the deal with dads and short hair???



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