Friday, December 18, 2015

12/18/15 - "You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Hi there!

With me on vacation I had a feeling that I would be on here more...
Which is a good thing because part of my goal on my vacation, besides trying to relax, is to scrap!
So here is another layout I created (yesterday).

 Layout #16 for 2015
"You Don't Know You're Beautiful" 
 Journaling: "Getting a picture of you is very difficult these days because you're going through a stage where you think you're ugly. It makes me sad that: you don't know you're beautiful".
I think we all go through this stage at some point in our lives... even more then once and through out, even as adults we still do, I know I do! But I think as a parent it really hurts to have your child go through it.
We're constantly telling Madison how beautiful she is but she doesn't want to hear it/doesn't believe us! ::sigh::
Anyway, even though it makes me sad I wanted to capture the "story" and have a reason to use 2 photos of her from 2 different events on 1 layout.
BTW - her dad is the only person who can get her to take a not fair!
I created this for 2 challenges over at

Challenge # 1 - "December Ugly Paper Challenge":
The rainbow colored paper and the red and white polka dot paper are my "uglies" sent to me from another player:

I used the red and white as my BG (obviously) and the rainbow paper as a mat for the bigger photo and a frame to cover the people in the BG of the smaller photo of my daughter so that it would just focus on her .
If I had these paper in my stash I never would have thought to use them together, or with the photos I wound up using, but I love the way it turned out!
*I didn't use the embellishment because it didn't work w/ the theme of the layout.

Challenge #2 - "December Music" challenge - Category 1: Lyrics
I used lyrics from "That's What Makes you Beautiful", from One Direction, as part of my journaling/title.

Need to go back and add the dates of the photos but they were taken: (L) 12/05/15, (R) 10/04/15


  1. Beautiful layout of a beautiful girl!

  2. ah bummer...I have a whole year or two of my life where all my photos have my hand in front of my face :/ Great Layout...she is beautiful...she is lucky to have parents remind her of that :D

  3. She is so beautiful! LOVING this page!!! Gorgeous colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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