Friday, February 19, 2016

02/19/16 "Get Messy Habit" Week #3

Happy Friday!
"Yes", this is my second post in a week.
I know, I know... in my last blog post I said "once a week" but as I try to figure out what works for me in regards to posting on my blog and Instagram, I realized that I have a Friday Instagram commitment.
Since I will already be writing up a post for it, I decided I should share those posts here also.
I mentioned before that I am part of a group inside the "Get Messy" group called "Get Messy Habit".
As part of that group I have made a commitment to post at least one Art Journal page a week on a day I designate.
Friday is my day and here is my page:
"Your Love is Better Than Ice Cream"
"Today's #GetMessyHabit page includes a photo of delicious frozen treats
and song lyrics from Sarah McLachlan.
Supplies: Magazine photo, washi tape, (2) heart stickers, (1) "sweet" sticker, black sharpie, and adhesive.
#GetMessyArtJournal #GetMessyFridays
#ArtJournal #ArtJournaling
#IceCream #SarahMcLachlan
Many of the "Get Messy" peeps use magazine photos/type in their art journal pages.
I really enjoy the look of it!
I wanted to join in but I haven't had a subscription to a magazine in years!
Since you can find almost everything on the internet these days there has just been no need.
But now, after seeing the creative ways other artists are able to create w/ pages out of magazines, I'm thinking I may need to find a (cheap but good) magazine to subscribe to!
I happened upon the photo I used in my art journal page in the lunch room at my workplace. 
I was flipping through a magazine (the ONLY magazine) and when my eyes saw the colorful and delicious looking ice creams I was immediately drawn in!
Then, the lyrics to Sarah McLachlan's "Ice Cream Song" ran through my head.
That's when I knew I needed the page (yes, NEEDED) and I ripped it out and took it w/ me.
That same night I created the "photo and embellishment" part of my page, and the next day I wrote the journaling.
It was a lot of fun!
So, as I said, I think I need to figure out what to do about getting my hands on more magazines!
(Any suggestions would be much appreciated!)
BTW - I just realized I said "magazines" A LOT in this post! LOL!
On a separate but related note...
I still feel like I'm finding my place in the community and how I want to organize and share my creations w/ my followers.
For the first week of "Get Messy Habit" I shared a random page I created: Week 1
The second week I shared 2 pages: 1 for a "Get Messy" prompt and 1 inspired by the "Get Messy" Season: Week 2
This week it is a random page.
I like the random pages being assigned to my "Get Messy Habit" postings and my "Get Messy" prompts and 'inspired-by' pages having their own postings.
So expect to see more, separately, on a more consistent basis.
I truly hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy sharing them!
BTW - Sorry for changing things around so much... but technically I have a year to get it right! ::wink, wink::


  1. try I got a year sub to Better Homes and Gardens for free! :) They have other magazines too.

    Love the freeflowing of your messy journal :)

  2. Love it! I wish you lived closer, as we get a LOT of magazine subscriptions and I'd be happy to pass them along. Unfortunately, the postage to mail them would be more than a subscription!

  3. Love your page :) I think our addiction to iPads and tablets have just about eliminated love of mags. There was a time when I subscribed to several mags and spent hours pouring over them. Now, I have Sunset, Southern Living and Cooking light which I got at steals and I STILL haven't gone through the issues from Christmas! Oh well...


  4. Ohhhhhhh I loveeeeeeeee this! And loving the ice cream page you got from the mag!! Let me know if you like travel - I get travel mags from work all the time for free and I can send you some! :)

  5. They all look good! I love to get to read the thinking behind the pages.


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