Monday, February 22, 2016

02/22/16 - Get Messy Week #3

Since Monday is the day that the new art/journal prompts go live over at "Get Messy", I like to share the pages I made from the prompt(s) that were given the week before.
We're always given 2 art prompts and 2 journal prompts.
I usually only have time to do 1 prompt (not 1 prompt each, just 1 prompt)...
And 1 page inspired by the "Season".
I wish I could do more but time just doesn't permit so I am just glad I can get something done!
Here are the pages I created last week...
This first one is based on a prompt:  "Use street art as inspiration..."
I can't give you the "whole" prompt, just a bit of it since the prompts are for members only, but at least you will get an idea of what I had to work with.
When I think of "street art" I think of the bright colorful spray painted walls of "taggers".
I realize that what we're seeing is considered graffiti, but I have to admit, a lot of it is actually really artistic! If only they would find someplace else to display their art!
To create my page I used different water color paints and a stamp that looked like dripping spray paint. I also found an "inspirational" looking/sounding word and stamped that above the dripping paint to look like the person sprayed the word and the paint just dripped down from it.
It's been years since I used water colors and I found it to be very fun and freeing!
I am definitely going to use them on future pages!
My second page was inspired by the "season".
A reminder... it's the "Season of Happy".
I saw this photo in the magazine at work (Yes, that SAME Magazine...LOL)
When I saw it I thought about how happy the woman looked and how her happy expression was contagious.
I Googled "happiness is contagious" quotes and found the one I wound up using on my page.

Journaling: "Be so Happy that when others look at you they become Happy too!"
Instagram link for both: Get Messy Week #3
I hope to eventually go back and do the other prompts.
I don't know how well I'll do since they provide 4 new prompts each week and I'm signed up for a year... but I'll try my best!


  1. Fabulous, both of them! The magazine page and quote are perfect for the prompt. Good job getting your money's worth (well, someone else's money's worth!) out of that magazine!

  2. I always love seeing how differently we all interpret the prompts! I love your graffiti page, such great flow!
    I usually don't do each individual prompt either...I tend to combine prompts, or start with an idea inspired by the prompt and it turns into something else so I just go with it! :)

  3. Such fun pages! I love your watercolour background..really, really dreamy..& your writing is awesome, note to myself to keep practising!


Thanks for all your comments!!! They really mean a lot to me!!!