Sunday, August 6, 2017

08/07/17 - MIM #93

"Make It Monday" Sketch #93
The first sketch for August from the "The Memory Nest" Blog:
As for my layout...
I did use shapes but in a slightly different way.
Also the arrow and "flair", in my case a button, are there:
 "This Little Piggy"

"I frequently get asked "How big is Hamlet?" and since he's difficult to measure, I never really have a good answer.
Well, maybe this will help...I'm 5'1
And a PSA, remember: He IS a Mini-Pig. Despite what people think and what most breeders, AKA bad & unethical breeders, would like you to believe they will not stay as little as they are when they're born.
Mini-Pig simply means they will not/should not grow as big as a farm pig, which can reach up to 600+ pounds. "Micro" and "Tea Cup" pigs do not exist. Those are terms breeders use so they can charge lots of money when selling their pigs. Unfortunately people fall for this and when the pig gets too big it gets abandoned. 😢
Do your research before getting any kind of animal, especially a pig!


  1. Loveeeeeeeee this!! LOVING how you have 'measured' him!!! And I agree about ALWAYS researching before you get any pet!!!!

  2. oh WOW you found THE CUTEST piggy paper..this is adorable Doreen!

  3. such a cute little piggy :) You are an awesome Human (I don't want to say Owner--haha) to all your animals! :D

  4. I love this! Such a fun way to show his size. And thank you for the pig education. I hate that there are people who would abandon a pet simply because it grew to its adult size. So sad.


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