Thursday, June 8, 2017

06/08/17 - "Saved"

If you have a cat you've probably been surprised once or twice, or 100 times, by their little "gifts"!
Panini has brought us lizards, birds and even a gopher! YIKES!
But lets talk about the birds...the species she most likes to "gift" us w/!
I can't even recall just how many dead birds I have found in my house because of her.
I have found them mostly in the corner of my kitchen but have also found one in my bathroom and have stepped on one in the dark in my bedroom!
Yup, life is very exciting with a cat!
Which leads me to my layout:

"Just rescued this little guy out of my cat's mouth, literally!
I love my cat, Panini, but she kills way too many birds for my "animal-loving" heart to handle!

I saw Panini walking across the yard w/ something in her mouth.
When I realized it was a bird I rushed over to her and yanked it out of her mouth.
She was NOT happy about it!
The bird was still alive and except for a little bit of blood on his back and blood around his eye he looked fine.
I washed off the blood.
When I washed off the blood from his eye I was happy to discover it was still intact!
I held him for a bit, petting him and allowing him to calm down, then I walked him outside and placed him, up high, on the birdhouse we have in the backyard.
He stood there for a bit getting his bearings (I assume) and then flew away, to the roof of our house.
All the rest of that day, and even now,  I wonder how he's doing? I wonder if Panini wound up catching him again later and "finished the job"!
I'd like to think/pretend he's fine.
But a few days later Panini brought in another dead bird so who knows ::sigh::


For the following May Challenges:

>National _______ Day
May 4th - National Bird Day

Sticker Challenge
I used 9
- Alphas (5)
- Bird on a Branch
- Word/Phrase (2)
- Border

I used 13 items; everything on here is hoarded some of it "ancient"!
*INCLUDES TWIST* of something I'm passionate about; animals!


  1. That is the worst thing about owning a cat! Poor birdies! I'm glad this one made it for at least another few days.

  2. That is the worst thing about owning a cat (of course, the furball vomits aren't the best either! LOL!)!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I can soooo relate! My three cats bring in something everyday!


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