Sunday, June 4, 2017

06/05/17 - MIM Sketch #89

Happy Make it Monday to you!
Here is Sketch #89 from the "The Memory Nest" Blog:
"Sunday Funday May Edition"

Journaling: "On Sundays David and I like to go out for a nice lunch and dessert"

This is pretty much a routine for David and I.
We eat well, low-cal, and pretty much "healthy" all week long so that on Sunday's we can enjoy a large very delicious meal and dessert w/out it affecting us either weight or health-wise.
It is quite fun and of course, YUMMY!
For those who follow my IG Food Account I'm always preaching "Balance" and this is part of our Balance.

I'm sure you're thinking, other than the circle on the left-hand side, this doesn't look too much like the sketch, and at first glance, yes you're correct... but if you pay attention to the way I place all the elements on the right-hand side, you will see that I kind of  mimicked the sketches down-ward angle shape.
I was having a lot of trouble trying to get my photos to look good side by side (as opposed to up and down) especially w/ the added element of that shaped BG so I decided to just do w/out either. I did add a card that is divided by color into 2 triangles so there's THOSE triangles to help tie my layout into the sketch.

And then I just had fun adding bits and pieces here to give the layout more "eye-candy" as well as to use up some of my stash items.
There are only 4 "newish" items on here... everything else is at least 1 year old or much, much older!

You have until 06/30/17 to submit your layout based on this sketch; hope you join us!


Also for the following June Challenges:


>National _________ Day
Inspired by June 18th - National Splurge Day

14 items
Everything except "Insta Cool", "This", "Sunday" the calendar, and the heart sticker.

13 stickers
>Alphas (6)
>Word/Phrases (3)
>Journaling tabs (2)

> Scrap W/ Your Scraps
1 Scrap
- Orange and White PP


  1. Loveeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the mixture of colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I totally saw the sketch in your page, mostly because of that diagonal on the calendar card. Fun layout!

  3. Love the way the page pops against the black background I want a Poke Bowl hahahaha :)

  4. YUM DOREEN!!1---YUM!!! Nicely done!


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