Wednesday, January 18, 2017

01/18/17 - "You're An All Star"

Journaling: "1.15.17
Went shopping today...
Bought my first pair of Chucks.

This is significant because:
1. I'm 41 years old
2. I've always been a Vans fan

I went with all white; not sure if that makes me crazy or cool?"
The story behind this purchase:
We went to buy shoes for Madison. David saw some white Converse; a pair of shoes he's been wanting for a while but has been afraid to purchase because of his fear of getting them dirty.
Just for fun I decided to try a pair on.
David and I loved the way they looked on me so much I bought them!

*Got the Converse image off the internet


For the Following January Challenges:

>Music Challenge
Category #1 - Lyrics Challenge
I used the line "You're an All Star" from the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth

16 items
- Alphas (15)
- Project Life card

15 Stickers - all the Alphas


  1. Now I have Smash Mouth's song stuck in my head! LOL! I loveeeeeeee this! I still have yet to own a pair of chucks! LOL!!!!!

  2. love a new pair of shoes! Great layout and thank you for getting the song stuck in my head too :D haha

  3. I love how clean and graphic your layout is! How are you liking your shoes? I had blue Converse high-tops in high school and loved them. So comfy and fun to wear. I've never owned Vans. Never too late to try?


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