Tuesday, June 7, 2016

06/07/16 - "Cuddles With Spotty"

(Insert whiny voice here):  You guuuyyyyssss... I'm so behind on blogging!
(Okay regular voice from here on out):
I have been scrapping but I'm behind on blogging.
Well, at least that's the better problem to have, right?
My problem is I don't know how to just share a layout w/ a brief description...
I always feel like I have to tell "a story" or at least explain my layout/why I created it...
And that always seems to become such a lengthy process....which is fine, usually, but when I go through my 'bouts of  'low energy' (my energy cycles go up and down and sometimes will stay down for quite a while before going up again...) it becomes exhausting!
Blogging shouldn't be "exhausting" so I just stop altogether.
It's funny cuz as an introvert you'd think a 'brief description' is what I'd be all about... you know, the less talking the better...
And when I actually 'talk' that's pretty much how I am, but when I 'write' it's the opposite.
Anyway enough about that...
I'll try to keep (the rest of) this brief:
I need to catch up on my blogging and to (hopefully) make this easier on myself I'm going to start w/ my most recent layout and go backwards until I'm caught up!
My first (errr..last/most current) layout is this one:
"Cuddles With Spotty"
Journaling: With so many fur babies sometimes Spotty doesn't get enough attention so today was time for some Cuddles With Spotty 6.4.2016"

Created (mostly) for the SB.com
"Scrap Your Pet/Animal" Challenge
*No Twist
 didn't realize it until after I was finished but I used the exact same dog tag PP on the last layout of Spotty I created: Such a Good Boy
I guess it was made for him!
Also included I the following June SB.com Challenges:
>HOARDERS Challenge
9 items:
Everything on this page (including the BG), except the file buttons, is over a year-and-a-half old (the dark blue paper is approximately 15 years old)

>Sticker Challenge
23 stickers:
-Alphas (17)
-"With Love"
-Self Adhesive Buttons (3)
-Self Adhesive dog-head banner
*No Twist

>Scrap with Your Scraps
2 Scraps:
-The blue and white polka dotted PP
-The blue and white graph PP (Circle)


  1. This is so fun! LOVING that background paper and the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cute layout. And yes, blogging should be fun...I enjoy your posts...even if you just post the photo, I'd totally comment :) but it is nice to read about your creative process as well :D

  3. I always feel a little weird just showing a layout with no backstory either. But sometimes no explanation is needed. Do what feels right to you, whether it's writing a lot or a little, frequently or not! :)

  4. I write a tiny little backstory and then include my supply list unless I really have a story to tell. Usually it's just a short little blurb. I think this layout is adorable. The sunny background rocks!


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