Wednesday, May 4, 2016

05/04/16 - April "Gallery Inspiration" Challenge

My layout for the April "Gallery Inspiration" Challenge over at
This was the inspiration layout chosen for me:
 "My Little Girl" Link: My Little Girl
 And my layout:
"What  Are You Gonna Do About it?"
"Panini knows she's not allowed on the table, but took advantage of the fact that my usually clean table is a bit cluttered right now and hid amongst the "mess".
Look at that face.... even after I found her she still gave me that defiant "what are you
gonna do about it?" look.  Not gonna lie, I did absolutely nothing, LOL!
The original layout is beautiful and I love all the inking and colors and layers!
So that's the features I chose as the inspiration for my layout.
However, I'm not very good at inking so I did minimal.
Unfortunately I don't like the way it came out: the yellow dried to an ugly shade (as far as inking is concerned) and the stencil shape shows up to much... I didn't want viewers to be able to tell I used a rectangle shaped stencil...but oh well... nothing I can do about it now!
The layering was fun, as I enjoy layering and frequently use it on my layouts.
But I had a little bit of trouble this time around...
I'm pretty sure it's because I waited until the deadline day to create my layout; talk about pressure, LOL!
I really wanted to use MORE layers to better mimic the original, but time didn't permit.
Overall I'm pleased.
My favorite part, besides the photo?  That "devil cat"! :0)


Also included in the following April Challenges:

>"Scrap Your Pet" -Includes twist of "journaling; at least one sentence.

>"Use Your Scraps" - I used 3 scraps:
-The black
-The yellow and white (under the photo)
-The large orange circle

> "Hoarders" - 4 items:
-The "Moments in Time" 6x6 card under the photo
-The "devil cat" card
-The "Meow" sticker
-The orange cat sticker

>"Use Your Stickers" - 4 sticker used:
-The cork arrow
-The pink heart
-The "Meow"
-The orange cat


  1. LOL!! Tooooooo funny! I love love love this! LOVING the devil cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the devil cat too! It's a really fun layout. :)

  3. cute when animals have so much attitude and you can totally tell their mood :)

  4. Terrific! Love the yellow dots so much!! :)


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