Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/06/14 - Art Journal pages 23-25

I finally finished that Winkflash-Transfer-of-Photos project I had going on.
I'm so glad to be done w/ it!!
Unfortunately I found some of my photos had disappeared from the site and I don't have digital copies of them. Bummer!
Of the ones I notice missing...I have them printed out already.
So if I really want a digital print I will have to scan them.
Yay...another project! (heavy sarcasm if you couldn't tell)
And let's not forget I still need to organize the digital files I already had along w/ the ones I transferred over.
Lucky for me there is no time limit for that.
Maybe in my retirement years I can finish up, I mean what else will I have to do, right?

Anyway, enough of that!!!

Today I am sharing a few Art Journal pages I recently created.
After finally being done w/ the Winkflash project, AKA: "Project from Hell", I was itching to do something fun!

I created 3 pages in 2 days!
Okay, so I probably shouldn't get too excited... I mean they aren't all fancy-like and elaborate...
But I sure enjoyed making them (mostly)!

The first one didn't turn out at all like I pictured it in my head.
I had gotten some new templates and wanted to practice w/ them.  What better way to practice w/ them but in my Art Journal?!
Well practice I did and fail I did...well not completely, I mean it didn't come out the way I wanted it too but it's not a total disaster.
I covered up most of the mess w/ the picture.
I had no theme for the page but when I started seeing all the IG posts about voting, and stumbled across the "Vote Snoopy" photo,  I decided the BG would be a perfect page to document the fact that I have never voted in my life...

"Vote For Snoopy"
Journaling: "I have never voted. Perhaps I would if I could vote for Snoopy"
BTW IDK if you can tell but I covered the page in tape to help protect the facing page, because despite the fact that I let the page dry for 2 days, the misting still got on the other page ...booo!
The second page is just me playing w/ that stamp technique I told you about in a previous post.
I just love the way it looks and I wanted to have a page of it w/out anything covering it. As you can see I went a bit "stamp crazy"...but not only does it look good (to me) it's stress reliving to just randomly stamp all over a page! If you haven't done so, I highly recommend it!
And finally, page #3.
This was a result of me just feeling like I wanted to color.
Another great stress reliever!
I colored all the time when I was a child. My favorite coloring books were Barbie coloring books!
Anyway, I digress...
I pulled out my box of colored pencils and just colored away using different colors, with no rhyme or reason. When I wish finished I thought to myself how it reminded me of a rainbow. This then lead me to remember a quote (I know, I and my quotes! ::roll eyes::)
I googled the quote and found a cute image of it and printed and cut it out.
I  journaled about how the quote fits in my life and adhered it to the page.
I then felt it needed just a bit more color so I outlined it in purple...
BTW IDK why I chose purple, I actually don't like the color but it stood out to me for some reason
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
Journaling: "My 'rain' is my job. My 'rainbow' is my comfortable, happy lifestyle"
I'm not sure if I've actually ever mentioned it on my blog before but I dislike my job.
But it does afford me to live comfortably w/ a quite a few luxuries here and there, so I suffer through it. 
Anyway, I'll save more details about that for another day.
1. because I don't want to bring this post down, and
2. because I already wrote too much!
Okay, that's all folks!
Thanks for the visit!


  1. Fun pages! Love how you compared your job to rain in the quote :)

  2. Congrats on finishing your Project from Hell! Love your journal pages. I'm really surprised you've never voted. I remember what a big deal it was voting for the first time at 18, with friends who were on the younger side having to wait so long until the next election.

  3. Congrats on finishing!!! And LOVEEEEEEE these!!!! LOVING that Snoopy page!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Loved reading your post! Love love the stamping page because well like you said it just feels good to stamp all over!. You know my heart melts for snoopy and the rest of the peanuts gang. Voting well ya know people who can vote hardly ever do. Thanks for sharing with us!


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