Saturday, August 4, 2018

08/04/18 -"Music" Inspired Layouts

Just sharing a couple of layouts I recently created which are, coincidentally, music inspired.
Traditional Layout
"Rock Star/RIP"
Journaling: "I've been binging on Linkin Park for the past week.
"In the End" is my favorite song of theirs. 07.26.18"
I am a huge Linkin Park fan so I was very saddened by the death of front man Chester Bennington.
July 20th, 2018 was the 1 year anniversary of his death so I created a tribute layout to him.
Photo on the left is a screenshot of an IG post someone else posted on the day of his death.
Right is a screenshot of a song that I was listening to on July 26th... one of the days out of the week during which I was listening to Linkin Park on repeat.

Everything on here is a stash item, 1 year or older...except for the BG paper.
The gold "xoxoxo " is a 4x4 frame/transparent overlay.


Traditional Layout
w/ interactive element
I attached the show's 2 sided brochure w/ washi tape so it can be flipped to read the back
"David took a phot of the entire cast free-dancing at the end of the show"

We weren't allowed to take photos during the show but I'm so glad David took this one.
It's fun and captures the cast and stage!

I also included the tickets and the front of the ticket holder that also explains a bit about the show (I added enamel dots and stars in matching colors to spice it up a bit).

Here's the backside of the brochure
Back story: on July 8th we saw the musical Vegas Show "BAZ"
- we went to Vegas for our 17th Wedding Anniversary
Vegas is a tradition because we got married in Vegas.

The show was amazing BTW!
If you like love stories and musicals you need to see this!

That's all for me today!
Hope all is well...
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Loveeeeeee these!! Great colors and loving how you added the tickets! Chester was from Phoenix, and he was friends with one of my brothers friends, and they ended up at the mutual friends wedding a few years back, and my brother said he was the nicest guy... RIP :(

  2. CHESTER!!!!!!

    Fun layout of the show :) you are seriously awesome with all your scrapbook awesomeness :D

  3. Awesome pages. You really did a great job picking colors and styles that convey the feeling of each layout. I've never heard of BAZ but now I'm intrigued.


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