Saturday, September 23, 2017

09/23/17 - September "Ugly Paper" Challenge

It's "Ugly Paper"Time"!
Here are my "September Uglies" and what I did w/ them.
Just a heads up the orange paper, which I used for my BG, is very thin and came to me a bit mangled and then I apparently made it worse during the creative process...
But it doesn't look as bad behind the protective covering of the album page protector.
With that in mind, this is what I came up w/:
"You Had US at Pumpkin Spice"
I used both papers and tore apart the embellishment to use just a few pieces of it: layered square/heart/button/wire combo on the top right.
This layout really had no "rhyme or reason" it was just me having fun w/ two photos that I love that kinda went together.
Proving there are 'no rules' to scrapbooking or story telling!

If you recall this is the second time I scrapped this shirt...
I really love it!

I bought it at Target last year.
This year they have the same exact shirt just w/ a different saying:
"Pumpkin Spice Everything"
Though I want it, it's too similar to this one for me to spend the money on.

Also included in the following Challenges:

Round Robin
I was #3 in my group of 4.
Though I didn't copy anyone's layout exactly I did use elements from each proceeding layout.

National __________ Day
Inspired by
9/22 - Autumn Equinox - Fall begins

In this Corner
The Orange BG paper already had the Cornucopia design on it, I just covered some of it w/ Pumpkins.

15 stickers used
-Alphas (10)
-Arrows (2)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of Word/Phrase Sticker

21 hoarded items used
-Pumpkins (4)
-Alphas (12)
-Circle Cutter


  1. I loveeeeeeeee what you did with those papers! And I STILL love your shirt!!! Much better saying than this years!!!!!!

  2. Great job with the ugly papers, though I don't think these ones are as ugly as usual. Super clever what you did with the purple strip and adding the button!

  3. You always amaze me with what you do with those ugly papers! Love it!


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