Thursday, September 7, 2017

09/07/17 - "His 40th"

Happy Thursday/Friday!
I don't work tomorrow so this is my Friday and I couldn't be happier about it... until my next one of course, LOL
Anyway here is my latest layout and I also couldn't be happier about it!
I think it turned out really well and it think it conveys a feeling of celebration and overall happiness!
I hope you like it also!
"His 40th"

I was able to fit a lot of photos and a lot of journaling on this and include a fun BG paper and fun embellishments...
And yes I realize that though it's a page about my husband's birthday, he's not in any of the photos...
What can I say... I love to have my photo taken and he doesn't!
Though technically his hand is in the photo of the mules, LOL

Journaling -

"40th Birthday Shenanigans for my husband.
For 3 mos out of the year, Aug - Oct, I'm only 1 year older than David instead of the normal 2 years, LOL."

Left Hand Side:
"Pizza & Beer at The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in Downtown Redlands.
We had the Shrimp, Crab, and Avocado was 'to die for'!
Drinks and Peanut Butter Cup Fondue at Rok-N-Fondue
We ordered various flavors of mules and there was a marshmallow casualty... won't say who did it though
::looks innocent:: LOL
Aug 12th 2017
-Greg and Peng joined us"

Bottom Right:
"Actual DOB: 08.09.77"


For the following Challenges:

> In This corner
- scrap a page using a BG paper w/ a pre-printed pattern on at least one corner and/or side
Original Paper:

> AGC -
Daily Challenge #1
Use a Refractory Word: a word that has no rhyme
According to Google "husband" has no rhyming word

Also included in the following Sept challenges:

> INDEFINITE Foodie Challenge

> Second Chance
- Inspired by the August "Birthday Challenge"

> National ____ Day
- Inspired by Sept 5th, Cheese Pizza Day

> Sticker Challenge
10 Stickers
- Alphas (7)
-Words/Phrases (1)
-Heart Shaped Balloon (1)
-Journaling Sticker (bottom Right)
*INCLUDES TWIST* Word/Phrase Sticker

> Hoarders
- 2 items
PL Cards


  1. This is sooooooooooo fun! LOVING the photos and how you journaled!

  2. too funny that he isn't in any of the pictures :) Great layout!

  3. Love this layout! It's funny that he's not in the photos. It sounds like an incredible celebration - YUM!


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