Wednesday, July 27, 2016

07/27/16 - "Get Messy - Season of Introspection"

Today I am sharing a few of pages I created for the "Get Messy Season of Introspection".
Before I share them I would like to share some blog links of previous pages I made:
The first 2 pages that I created and shared are here (clickable link): "Getting Messy...Again"
And this page, although not very full of "introspection", was inspired by a prompt from the "Season" so I count it (clickable link): "I Wish"
Okay, on to what I came here to share (photos plus their Instagram captions - the "@" addresses are clickable also if your interested in doing so):
"I Am Groot"
My creation based on @getmessyartjournal Art Prompt No. 2 from Week 1; as suggested by @dansmoncrane....  I can't share the actual prompt but I will say it had something to do with ink blots. We're supposed to be getting all deep and "Introspection"-like, but nah... I see a Disney character, LOL!

I saw the photo in a magazine and had an instant love for it! I ripped it out and glued it into my art journal with no idea what to do with it. A few days later I came across an art journal page on IG created by @mkranthony and her words summed up my feelings perfectly and went so well with the photo! I borrowed some of her journaling and added some of my own to finish my page. Thank you Molly for the inspiration/the final "piece" that helped me to finish this page!
"Rose Colored Glasses"
 (This may be) my last page for the @GetMessyArtJournal "Season of Introspection".
This was inspired not by a specific prompt but by the idea of Introspection in general (despite what I wrote at the bottom of the page; just realized the error); most of my pages for this season were like that! I did not draw the sunglasses; it is a photo from the internet. Since joining "Get Messy" I've discovered I'm more of a "journalist" than an "artist"... but I'm okay with that. I still enjoy the creative process of making "art journal" pages! The "Season of Introspection" is officially over. I'm looking forward to the next "season" as its theme is something I absolutely love! If you're thinking "food?"... you're wrong, but great guess, LOL! You'll find out soon enough! 😉


That makes 6 pages created for the season...
Which isn't as much as I would have liked but more than I did last Season (I did zero last season)! 
Despite the lack of quantity of pages created, I still enjoyed the process of creating and the finished product!


  1. great pages! it's nice how these prompts are made to make you think and be creative. Nice work!

  2. Your pages are awesome! And I love your title of 'journalist.' That's perfect. Something you love that isn't food... it's got to be either animals or music.

    1. Cindy you know me well!!! Those are both EXCELLENT guesses and one of them is correct!

  3. Ohhhhhh I just love these pages! That Groot one makes me happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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