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07/18/16 - MIM #65

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- "Make it Monday" sketch #65.
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 MIM #65
"(Our Christmas Photos) - 2003"
Christmas in July?
Well that IS a "thing"...
But I didn't create this layout w/ that in mind.
I just happen to come across these photos while doing some organizing; it's amazing what you can find when you actually get organized!
I found them comical...
We all look so young and I look so much, um... "thicker" than I am now... LOL
Everything on this layout is super old stash (I'm talking like at least 4 years old!) - except for the journaling block and the 2 yellow and green snowflake stickers and the1 red flower.
Which leads me to share a couple of "interesting" facts about me (as it relates to this post):
-   I'm not a fan of holidays, including (especially) Christmas.
I hardly have any photos of Christmas and detest Christmas scrapbooking papers/kits, because I have no real use for them.
The winter kits aren't much use for me either because we don't live where there is a "real" winter.
- Once Madi started school, and therefore started having yearly (school) photos taken, we stopped getting our photos professionally taken.
David and I figured w/ the school photos and all the photos I take, their wasn't much of a need for the "formal" photos. 
Both those facts make these photos "rare gems"!
BTW - question time:
I included the ages of the kids and had originally included mine and David's ages as well, but then took them off; it just seemed weird to me.
I'm again second-guessing myself w/ that choice.
What would you do in this situation:
would you include the ages of you and your spouse?


  1. Very pretty~ I love the circle and winter theme! You have a beautiful family.

  2. I loveeeeeee this! LOVING the photos and the papers you used! And I wouldn't have said me and Brian's ages ... the year is enough ... as I hope everyone can do math and figure it our for themselves if they need to! LOL!!!!

  3. Love what Julie said!! Guess I would not have put my hubby's or my age unless it was a birthday page of us. LOVE this cute throwback layout you created. Perfect mix of papers and embellishments!! xo

  4. Very cute layout! I love when I come across an old photo of my kids :D

    I agree with the above comments...if you have the year, no need to include the adult's ages :)

  5. This is gorgeous! I probably wouldn't have added our ages because the year is there.


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