Friday, June 10, 2016

06/10/16 - "Hey Mama"

Well, "when it rains it pours"...
first no posts from me and now I "can't stop, won't stop"!
"Hey Mama"
Journaling: "Mother's Day Photos:
Top: 2016
Bottom right: 2013
Bottom left: 2015"
These are 3 years worth of Mother's Day photos of me w/ my kids.
I'm not sure what made me start this tradition other than it had dawned on me I didn't have a whole lot of photos w/ my kids and a great way to rectify this is by taking a photo w/ them every Mother's Day!
The reason I chose Mother's Day isn't the obvious reason (cuz it's Mother's Day, duh!)...
The reason is because my daughter hates having her photo taken, but she will not refuse my request to do so on Mother's Day; pretty sneaky, huh?

Hmmm... maybe I should try it on my birthday too! ::light bulb moment::
The other thing I'm not sure of is why I didn't take one in 2014?
My design idea for this layout came from the fact that I have a difficult time using up my embellishments. Whenever I get a kit I always seem to have tons of embellishments left over once I'm done w/ the papers!  So I challenged myself to create this page using mostly embellishments.
The title idea came from a May Challenge:
>Music Challenge -Category #4 -Song
- Song Chosen for us was "Hey Mama" by Kanye West
*Includes twist of flower
I do not like Kanye (like.. AT ALL), but the title of the song worked perfect for the layout!

Also included in the following Challenges:
>Hoarders Challenge -7 hoarded items:
-Polka Paper
-Flower sticker
-"Remember This" sticker
-"Moments" sticker
-"These are the Days" PL card
No Twist

>Sticker Challenge - Used 12
-Alphas/Title (7)
-Flower sticker
-"Remember This" sticker
-"Moments" sticker
-White/Gold self-adhesive heart
-"So Grateful"
*Include twist of flower


  1. I don't like him either at all (pompous, arrogant, etc etc!) but I loveeeeeeeeeeee this page!! LOVING all those photos!!!!!!!!!

  2. Super cute layout.not only do they take a photo with you but they look happy about it :D so sweet :)

  3. Awesome page! And very clever to request photos for Mother's Day. You should definitely try for your birthday too.

  4. This page is amazing! I ask for photos for Halloween, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day... LOL Any day I think I can get away with it. P.S. No way do I believe you have a 20 year old. LOL


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