Wednesday, April 27, 2016

04/27/16 - April "Round Robin" Challenge

As you know I participate in a lot of challenges over at
One of my favorites is the "Ugly Paper" challenge; I shared April's layout a couple of blog posts prior to this one: April "Ugly" Paper
I have another favorite called the "Round Robin" challenge.
I've also shared a layout from a past challenge on my blog: March "Round Robin" Challenge
Here is a brief explanation of the challenge:
"There are teams of 4 people, one person for each week, similar to a relay race. The person assigned for week 1 in each group will start their team off with a layout depending on what the specs and twist will be. Then the following week, everyone assigned to week 2 will lift off their week 1 team member and so on. It's fun to see how a lift progresses from the first week to the fourth."
I am sharing w/ you my creation for the April Round Robin challenge, but unlike the last time I shared, I am the last person on my team instead of the first.
In order to get an idea of what inspired my layout I will share the proceeding layouts as well.
The first 4 images were NOT created by me:
Starting Inspiration - Twist = Includes Negative Space:
Week #1:
 -Inspired by the colors of the original image-
Week #2:
Week #3:
Mine - Week #4:
"San Francisco  4.16-4.19/2016"
Golden Gate Bridge
China Town
Fisherman's Wharf
Union Square
Pier 39 - Sea Lions
Boudin Bakery
Bay Bridge

Sight Seeing
Food &
Quality Time

Long weekend getaway
San Francisco 4.6-4.19/2016"


As I was writing this post I realized, tt's been such a long time since I've done an actual blog challenge.
I think it's because not only do Challenges keep me busy, but there is more traffic there than on my blog...
Participating in challenges were there is more/frequent interaction inspires me (obviously)!



Included in the following additional April Challenges:

>"Round Robin" - I am #4 (last week) for my team
*Includes twist of negative space

>"Four Categories" Challenge - Category #4 ~ Theme: April Showers
"Rain, baths, lakes, oceans, rivers, pools… Create a LO with at least one photo that has water in it. "
No Twist

>"Sticker" Challenge - I used 6
*Includes twist of using 4 or more stickers from the same package
-"Today" (with bridge)*
- Anchor *
-"Make Memories"
-"Great Times"*
-Polaroid Camera*

> "Hoarder" challenge - film strip washi tape
No Twist

>"Use Your Scraps" - The black paper is from my scrap stash
No Twist  


  1. Loveeeeeeeeeee this! LOVING the photos, the colors and the film strips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How fun to see your inspiration and what the others did with it. I really like your layout. And now I'm craving Boudin!

  3. Love the colors!!!! Great layout...I live an hour from SF and I have never been to Alcatraz--hope you loved it!


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