Monday, April 25, 2016

04/25/16 - Beer and Justin Timberlake

Hi there!
It's been a while since I posted...I've been busy but I have managed to sneak in a bit of scrappy time.
Here's a couple of my most recent pages: 
"Butter Beer Fail"
  Journaling: It was Madison & David's first trip to Harry Potter World. It was also their first taste of Butter Beer. I was excited for them to try it because I love it so much! But neither of them cared for it so I wound up drinking all 3 of them! 3.21.2016"

*I'm a bit irritated with this layout because I accidentally wrinkled the edge of the purple paper at the top! Ugh! * 

For those who don't know what Butter Beer is, its a drink that Harry Potter and his friends drank in the movies.
To simplify it, its basically like a Butterscotch Float (like a root beer float but with Butterscotch instead of root beer).
In the movie it had a bit of alcohol so that's where the "beer" part of the name comes from.
In the real world there's no alcohol in it at all...
Which is why my daughter can drink it.
But it looks like beer with its brown coloring and white frothy top. So its funny to see so many people, including lots of children, walking around drinking it.

If you want more detail check out this link:

Below the photo of the 3 of us I included 2 stickers from a Harry Potter scrapbook sticker sheet I recently purchased:
The "Welcome" -and-
The Harry Potter Glasses and Lightning Bolt border
I can't wait to use the rest of my HP items on future layouts, cuz (you know) I have lots more photos to scrap!

"The 20/20 Experiment"
 Journaling:"11.28.14 - Justin Timberlake.
An amazing concert; I was impressed! Thanks to my husband for such a great birthday gift!"
*I have since added the word: Vegas to the layout since I forgot to include it in my original journaling.*
My birthday is actually in October, but I love Justin Timberlake so when David saw he would be playing in Vegas, he bought me the tickets early, in August, as a "late" birthday present.
So for me I got to kinda got to celebrate my birthday 3 times: August, October, and November.
Not bad for someone who doesn't usually celebrate her birthday at all!
It was definitely a present worth waiting for!
As I said in my journaling: Justin put on an amazing show!

I have 3 more layouts to share but I'll share them in their own, separate posts.

"Butter Beer":
For the following April Challenges:

> "Multi-pic" - Must have at least 3 Photos

> "4 Categories" - Category: Color
Color = Purple and Gray
- Also includes twist of wood
The button is wood

>"Sticker" - I used 19 stickers:
The alpha letters (14)
The journaling/filing labels (2)
The heart
The "Welcome"
The Harry Potter Glasses and Lightning Bolt border
No twist

>"Hoarders" - the following items were hoarded items:
The heart sticker
The alpha letters
The 2 purple papers
The journaling/filing labels
No Twist


 "The 20/20 Experiment":
For the following April Challenges:

> "Music" Challenge - Category #3 Artist.
Obviously mine is Justin Timberlake
Includes twist of Journaling - At least 2 sentences

> "Four Categories" Challenge - Category #3 Technique/Negative Space
Includes twist of including "a number other than the date"
My title has numbers in it: 20/20

>"Sticker" Challenge - I used 5
Includes twist of using 4 or more stickers from the same package
1. Star sticker (at the bottom right of the JT photo)
2. Blue tab*
3. Orange heart*
4. B&W heart*
5. "Dreams Do Come True"*

> "Hoarder" challenge - The Project Life card (journaling)



  1. Loveeeeeee these!!!! I can't wait to go to HP world at Universal Studios ... hoping for next summer!!!!!!!

  2. Wow - impressive number of challenges worked into each of these! They look great. I'm debating HP World. We're huge HP fans, but aren't roller coaster or thrill-ride people. And Trevor's not tall enough for some anyway. I don't know if it's worth the cost of admission to go to HP World and basically not go on any rides. Probably not.

  3. Great layouts!!!! I can't wait until the crowds die down so we can go to HP world.


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