Monday, March 28, 2016

03/28/16 -"Get Messy Habit" Weeks #7 and #8

I haven't been around...
Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn't...
it's okay.
I was on Spring Break so other than some Instagram, there wasn't a whole lot of internet/social media usage.
Which means you didn't see my most recent "Get Messy Habit" pages (unless you follow me on IG also).
Technically since we are in between "seasons" at "Get Messy" I no longer have to do this.
But I found it fun, and I like making myself commit to the weekly posting because it helps me to commit to my creating!
So w/out further ado, here are weeks #7 and #8 along w/ the captions that I wrote when posting them to Instagram:
Week #7
 Official or not #GetMessyHabit has become a habit.
This week's creation is in honor of #StPatricksDay and our upcoming #BucketList goal of going to #Ireland.
The leaves were created by using a heart stencil, the stem was freehand.
Oh, and I bought a set of 8 crayola crayons from the grocery store for 99cents ☺

Week #8
It's 10:42 PM...
(which explains the #BadLighting)
I'm tired and ready for bed and then I remember its Friday...
Which means its #GetMessyHabit day.
So I quickly make this and now I'm off to dreamland.


  1. Loveeeeeee this! LOVING the shamrock!!!

  2. Great pages! Exciting to hear you're headed to Ireland in 2018. Already looking forward to seeing beautiful photos and layouts!

  3. That is so exciting to plan a trip like that :) cute pages!


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