Wednesday, March 9, 2016

03/09/16 - Get Messy Week #5

Sharing my "Get Messy" creations from last week, Week 5.
The first page  was actually inspired by a "Get Messy" journal prompt from Week # 4...
Yeah I'm a little behind, but inspiration doesn't always strike when you want it to.
The prompt had us listen to/read the lyrics to Baz Luhrmann’s song Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen  and then...
well I can't tell you the rest but I can tell you that this page was inspired by 2 verses in that song:
"Do NOT read beauty Magazines, they will only make you feel ugly."
"You're not as fat as you imagine"
 "Do NOT Read Beauty Magazines"
I chose those 2 lines because as a person who has always had body issues I was just drawn to them.
I struggled w/ my weight and body image all my life, I put myself on my first diet at the age of 10 (no kidding!) and even went through bouts of bulimia and anorexia.
Even now, after having recently lost 28 pound the correct way, I still look in the mirror and see flaws.
But I am learning to love myself.
I feel much better now after having lost the weight, and most importantly I am healthier, but after spending almost 30 years of your life "hating" your body it's not easy to get out of that mind frame.
So the quotes are from that song and the photos are from the online site for Tilly's clothing store; Tilly's is my favorite place to shop!
And I didn't realize until AFTER I added the quotes to my page that they both contained the word "not". When I did realize, I decided to highlight them to make them stand out and to add some extra color to the page.
And before I forget... if you get a chance, check out the song/lyrics:
I think you'll also enjoy it!

My second page came from 3 sources of inspiration:
1. A "Get Messy " Art prompt from Week 5  - it had to do w/ listening to music...
    again can't go into detail.
2. the "Get Messy - Season of Happy".
3. A fellow Get Messian who recently did an art journal about her love of coffee.
She inspired me because even though I do truly love my coffee, I've already done a coffee page and thought I shouldn't do another one, even if it was a different type of page, but when I saw hers I felt the NEED to create it!

The quote in black, on the top on the left hand page, and the "Too Much Is Never Enough", repeated on the right hand page, are lyrics from  the song "Never Enough" by One Direction.
Yes, them again!!
Well, it IS the "Season of Happy" and it was a music prompt so "Happy Music" to me = 1D

"Never Enough...Coffee"
"Get Messy" Week 5 Art Prompt Got Me Like:
 - Serenading my cup of coffee w/ a One Direction Song, LOL
Journaling: "I love coffee a little too much. If it wasn't for the calories, I would drink
it ALL DAY everyday. Unfortunately I'll just have to settle for 2-4 cups a day
(usually just 2)"

IG Link: Never Enough...Coffee

So there you have it!
I wasn't as creative this past week: only 1 layout and 2 art journal pages
But I've created more in the 3 months of this year than I did ALL of last year!

And I have 2 3 more art journal ideas in my head to go w/ the Week 5 prompts...
too bad we are in week 6 though!


  1. I love that song!!! and I love coffee :D great pages :)

  2. Great pages! The weight loss one is powerful. And the coffee one is so fun! Though in my case, there's never too much bread. Or candy. I could live on bread and candy.

  3. You KNOW I am ALL about that first page!! These are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You are spot on miss! I think I should just drink coffee all day and not eat anything. Food is my nemesis,I love everything about it. I really love what you're creating!


  5. oh love your pages I am totally feeling them! Missing get messy too! I never blog anymore!!


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