Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/15 - "This Time of Year"

Layout #14 for 2015
"This Time of Year"
Journaling: "Christmas Conifers Tree Farm... November 22nd, '15... Picked out our tree today. My favorite part was the Apple Pie Smoothie at "Juice It Up" afterwards."

The reason I chose "this time of my year" as my title and not something like "Christmas time" is because I'm referencing the time of year that we pick out our tree, which is in November not December, therefore not technically "Christmas time", plus I'm referring to the "time of year" the holiday goodies start coming out, such as the Apple Pie Smoothie.
Created for/Included in the following Challenges:

> the "December Music" Challenge - Category 2: Song Title
I chose "This Time of Year" by Brook Benton
I included the twist of "silver and red" - see buttons and crystals

> the "December Hoarders" challenge since I realized EVERYTHING on here is AT LEAST 2 years or older!



  1. You had me at "apple pie smoothie." Great layout! And I totally get your logic about the title. I'm too literal to allow a November activity to be labeled as Christmas or December. ;)

  2. Ohhhhhhh this is gorgeous! LOVING the background design!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fabulous layout!! LOVE the clean lines and your design!!!!


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