Thursday, June 4, 2015

06/04/15 - Good Reads

Really quick post!

Just wanted to advise you, those who asked and/or care, that I have signed up for "Good Reads".
I was on it before but saw no real need so I canceled, but...
maybe it's because I didn't have any "friends" on there since I didn't know anyone else w/ a "Good Reads" account.
Also I signed up because I discovered they had a "2015 Reading Challenge" function which allows you to log your books and advises you what percentage you're at, and how far you are behind/ahead in the challenge; the nerd in me likes stuff like that, LOL!

If you're interested in adding me my user name is: Doreen Vasquez...
So original, I know...LOL!

Hope to see you there!

BTW -  I FINALLY finished "Wild" and I am currently reading "Paper Towns" and will start reading "The Host" soon.... as soon as I can find it under my bed, where I stashed it! ;0P


  1. Off to look you up :D I have Paper Towns checked out, but I haven't started reading it yet.

    Good luck on completing the list :D

  2. The nerd in me would like that too, although the perfectionist in me would hate that every single book I've ever read since birth would not be recorded. I'd have a hard time randomly starting to record books in the middle of the week, in the middle of a month, in the middle of a year, in the middle of my lifetime. Sigh. I should get over that.

  3. hehehehe .. I am just as original ... I am Julie Tucker Wolek on there :)

  4. HHey girl! I think I'm going to start papertowns this weekend! I'm not a big reader but sometimes my daughter just raves about a good book and i'm like ok I will read it next! Plus I want to see the movie!

    Hope you have a fab weekend!

  5. Will be looking for you. Not sure what my name is one there but think it is Leslie Germain. Hmmm. Let me check!!


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