Wednesday, November 19, 2014

11/19/14 - Art Journal Pages 26 - 29

Sometimes I feel like I talk or, in the case of my blog, write too much.
So today I will just get right into why I'm here: to share my latest pages:
"First Time Lotto Players
Just wanted to document the first time David and I played the lotto.
We didn't win...bummer!
"Just Keep Coloring..." 
I mention in another post that I liked coloring so I decided to doodle some linked circles and color them. While I was coloring I kept repeating in my head "just keep coloring" in Dory's voice from "Finding Nemo" so I decided to write that at the bottom.
"1D - Cartoon Version"
This one is my favorite!!! I saw the cartoon versions of "One Direction" online and just had to draw them myself! The original artist, who was not cited, drew them much better than I did, but he/she still made them very cartoon-like, so this is a pretty good representation of the original... 
When I showed my daughter she ABSOLUTELY LOVED it and could tell who they each were. Although how hard is it to tell who the last one is? He is the only blonde in the group: Niall!
Not to mention he is her favorite!
A little 1D trivia: Niall's not a natural blonde! LOL!
"My Mood Right Now" 
Self explanatory . 
I wasn't in a good mood and felt like "Grumpy Bear" so I googled and printed out his image, fussy cut it and glued it, along w/ a "frame" I made, onto my page.  I also doodled on him in blue to add some color.
Short and sweet, yes?
You're welcome! LOL
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I like your "talking"'s your blog you can write as much or as little as you want :)

    I have that background in your first picture!

    Great rock at drawing One Direction kids :)

  2. I agree - keep talking/writing! Great journal pages, as always. I wouldn't recognize a 1D band member if he knocked on my door, but I still really like your drawings.

  3. I agree as well! Keep writing, keep talking, keep blogging, keep art journaling, keep doing things that keeps your spirit alive and free! :)

  4. Loving your pages!!! LOVING the Care Bear and that you kept the tickets!!!!!!!

  5. all fun pages! I like and can relate to the grumpy bear! i feel the same! A lil under the weather. 1D i better learn their names!


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