Monday, September 8, 2014

09/08/14 - I'm a "Directioner"...Sort of!

You know that expression "What a difference a year makes"?
Well, I'm experiencing that now...only instead of a year it's only been 7 months.
If you've been following my blog, you may (vaguely) remember I created a layout for a Design Team I was on, "Scrap It w/ a Song", in which I had to use a "One Direction" song.
In that blog post I stated that although my daughter is a huge fan of theirs I just could not get into their music, despite the fact that I love Boy Band music!
Here's the link to that post to refresh your memory...
Anyway, fast forward 7 months and guess who likes "One Direction"....
Yup, you guessed it: this girl! LOL!
Am I ashamed?
As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, we should never feel ashamed for the things we find joy in.
But I admit, after making the statement I made in my original blog post, I tried to fight liking them; I hate appearing wishy-washy!
You may wonder why I flipped the script like I did, and I have an excellent explanation...
As I stated before, my daughter Madi, is a huge fan!
As it turns out, so is her BFF!
We were offered to buy some "One Direction" concert tickets off of a friend of ours who wasn't going to be able to use them, so  David and I decided since Madi was being exceptionally good lately, we would buy them. Of course I would be taking her as there was no way David was going to allow his man-card to be revoked by going a 1D concert! Hahahahahahaha!  The friend actually had 4 tickets so we thought what would be better than for Madi to go w/ her BFF!  
So on Thursday we, Madi and I and her BFF and her mother, will be attending a 1D concert!
This was something I was doing for my daughter, because as I stated I do not like "One Direction".
But since I was paying the money and investing the time, I decided I better listen to their CDs so I wouldn't be totally clueless at the concert. There's nothing worse than going to a concert and not knowing the music!!! I have been listening to their CDs on the daily for the past 4 days.  And...yeah, well... I like their music!
My husband knew of my "homework", as I call it, to become fluent in "One Direction" music and so I texted him one day:
     "Rocking out to One Direction! LOL! I hate to admit it it's pretty catchy!"
His response?
     "That's because u like stupid teenager!"
And you know what? I can't argue w/ all!
A lot of my music collection is teen pop music...
I guess at 38 years old that should be embarrassing to admit, but I see it as a plus for my daughter.
After all, I don't mind playing the music in my car and she's getting to go to a "One Direction" concert!
Score 1 for mom! :0)
BTW - aren't our shirts for the concert way cute?!


  1. Fun! Can't wait to hear about the concert! My 14 year old just discovered she likes One Directon too! I may have to ck them out since you say their music is good!

  2. Have a great time! And yay for embracing things you love. :)

  3. It's always fun to enjoy things with our kids.

    You will have great memories!!! Have fun :)

  4. Love it! Nothing wrong with liking any kind of music. Have a wonderful time at the concert!!

  5. How fun!!!! I love "Story of my Life" .... can't wait to hear how the show was!!!!!


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