Wednesday, November 27, 2013

11/267/13 - December Daily Fail? Not!

I came across this comic and it made me laugh because it is so true and the funniest things come from real life! Yup, that "introvert" is so me! LOL!
Anyway that's not why I'm here today.
I am here today to share a story of what I thought was a "fail" but apparently wasn't!
Yay, me!
Last year I was super excited to complete a December Daily.
It was my first year and I found what to me was the easiest format possible.
I even completed the difficult part of taking a picture every day...actually 2 a day because I took pictures for the December Daily, plus pictures of our "Elf on a Shelf", Sparkle.
I was actually really proud of myself!
But then came the boring part, putting them into a book.
It's boring to me because I suffer from a mild form of "ADD", the part where it's hard to concentrate on tasks, and the thought of working on this book was way too much repetition for me! I started off good, completing 4 pages and then I couldn't do it anymore!
Mind you, my December Daily is soooooo simple you'd think there would be no way to fail. But for me there was. I have never completed an album focusing more on individual pages for different events. And I don't scrap in chronological order preferring to scrap what I feel.
Both of these are not what a December Daily is.
Okay, enough about my fail and on to the good stuff.
Monday night I was talking to Madison about her elf Sparkle returning to us for the Holidays.
This got us talking about all the shenangians Sparkle got into when she was w/ us last holiday.
Some of the events Madison couldn't remember but luckily I had photographic evidence! Madison asked me to pull out the pictures. We went through each and every one of them, laughing  and reminiscing about our adventures w/ Sparkle.  My son even joined in on the fun!
This fun time made me realize that whether they are in an album or not I am happy that I took those pictures!
Based on this I have decided that I will not create a December Daily album this year but will  still take the pictures each day, after all the pictures are the best part!!
Before I sign off I wanted to share our families favorite pictures of Sparkle from last year:
Sparkle and her Snowman friend tied up David's Chuckles doll after he called her
out for cheating at checkers!
Chuckles got his fellow clown buddies to help him get revenge on Sparkle!
They tied her up and destroyed the marshmallow snowmen she created. The big clown
still had marshmallow in his mouth from biting the head off one of them! Yikes!

But it's okay becaus they eventually made up and joined together in a snowball
(marshmallow) fight w/ the Monster High Dolls that were jealous of Sparkle.
Can't wait to see what fun she brings us this year!


  1. That is so fun! Yes, scrapbooking is no longer fun when it is a task. Enjoy recording your memories your way :D

  2. This is great!!! :) I am way too OCD to not finish something once I start. I wish I were more like you! :)

  3. I can totally relate to that comic! I LOVE staying home! Steve likes to go out (understandable since he works from home all day), but I live for quiet days/evenings at home. I try to explain to him that of all the places in the world, I'd most like to be home. I live here for a reason - I like it here!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I spy clowns!!!!!! Running away!!! LOL!!!!!!

    I have ADHD .... so I totally feel you ... but I have learned to just give in when I am creating ... I put a few things on a page and then turn to my computer and go to a few blogs or FB and then I go back to the page and so on ... helps me control it :)


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