Wednesday, July 24, 2013

07/24/13 - CPC: Childhood Game - Operation

"Child's Play Challenges" is up today w/ a new challenge!
This week's challenge is a classic game challenge and the game of choice is Operation.
I really hated that game growing up! It was way too hard!
And then when I had kids I bought it for them, and yep, still way too hard! LOL!
My grandkids will not be getting this game as a gift from me, that's for sure!
Anyway, bad game but good inspiration!

"Hello My Name is Chuckles"
Journaling: "David is a big fan of clowns and loved that they included a clown
in the "Toy Story 3" movie. We tried for years to find a Chuckles figurine but
came up empty except for a teeny tiny plastic toy. That is until we visited the
Disney Outlet Store in Vegas in June 2012"
My first thought was to scrap hospital pictures but since I didn't have any I went w/ the colors of the game box , well the most dominate colors: red and yellow. I then threw in one extra color, not from the box, that helped complete my layout.
And, as has been my way lately, I also used a sketch from
"My Scraps and More" to assist me.
Here is the sketch:

A really fun layout to make!
Hope you have fun making something to share w/ us!
Remember you have until July 31, 2013 to complete and submit for this challenge or any of our July challenges!


  1. Great sketch and great layout! :)
    PS-clowns kind of freak me out! LOL

    1. Me too! Me too!!! But Chuckles isn't scary...not compared to the clowns my hubby decorates our house with at Halloween - Yikes!!!!

  2. Now I'm curious to see how everyone else used the Operation game as inspiration!


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