Wednesday, July 3, 2013

07/03/13 - CPC: Tire Swing

"Child's Play Challenges" has a new challenge up today!
Today's challenge is a classic toy challenge: the Tire Swing.
Here is the inspiration pic:
 And here is my layout:
For my layout I went way back, back, back in time!
The pictures I scrapped are 6 years old, when my kids were little and still liked each other!
I have always wanted to scrap these pictures but never did.
Why? Because there are 2 other pictures that go w/ this series and "back in the day" I had no idea how I was going to scrap 5 pictures on a layout.
See, I have never done 2 page layouts. And this was before I had a good printer to print my pictures out in various, smaller, sizes.
Also, this was back when I thought I had to scrap EVERY picture of an event.
I don't do that any longer though. For this layout I looked at all 5 pictures and just picked my favorite 3 to scrap and that allowed me to finally get it done!
My scrapbooking techniques and beliefs have definitely changed in 6 years!!
I guess it's good that I didn't scrap these before though, because I had the perfect pictures for the challenge!!!
Okie dokie!
It's your turn!
Can't wait to see what you come up with!


  1. So cute!! Love how you mixed the papers and adorable alphas! :)

  2. Loveeeeeeeee this!! LOVING the colors and those photos are PERFECT!!!!

  3. LOVE the happy colors and mix of papers!


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