Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20/12 - About a Layout

Hi there friends!
I am here today to share w/ you a layout I made last night...

Wait! What? Did I say I was going to share something scrapbook related? Well, that's just crazy!
I know, I know.
Lately my blog has been less about crafty stuff and more about "me" stuff.
Which I'm okay w/ because there is more to "me" than just scrapbooking.  Also, when I decided to start this blog I promised to be true to myself sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and the occasional crafty. (That explains my blog title choice.)

I usually don't blog on the weekend but I was excited to share this page w/ you!
Since it was Friday and I didn't have to worry about homework or getting stuff ready for school or work the next day, I cracked open a delicious Bud Light Lime-a- Rita and decided to start sorting through my abundance of scrapbooking supplies in hopes of getting in some cleaning and purging.

Well I didn't get very far w/ the whole cleaning thing because almost immediately I came across this red scalloped scrap of paper. On one occasion I had used one end of it, cutting off the scallops, to place on another layout.  On another occasion I had used it to trace and cut out a large heart embellie.  I remember saving it to be used for future embellies.  But when I picked it up last night I loved the way it looked "as is".  So just for HA-HAs, I placed it on a black piece of cardstock and loved the way that looked as well! I then went digging through one of my stacks of 'to be scrapped' pics and came across a pair of pics i have been wanting to scrap for awhile but could never get an idea that would work. And, while digging through my pics, I found a bag of smaller scraps that I thought might work with the layout as well.  

So let the creating begin!
I swear the crafty Gods were on my side last night because my layout came together almost as if by magic...
Everything seemed to fall into place so easily.
A scrap here, an embellie there...
I really didn't have to do a whole lot of thinking or planning...just kinda went with the flow and in the process released some of my tension, got rid of a lot of my scraps and put a dent in my embellie stash.

When I was finished, this is what I had created: 


Not bad, huh?
Well, I love it...
but I'm not sure who to thank: the scrapping Gods or the Lime-a-Rita... or maybe both!!! Whatever, or whoever, it was... put a smile on my face last night and another completed layout in my stack!


  1. Not bad at all! I have some scalloped paper like that somwhere - I should dig it out!

  2. I love love love it!!! LOVING that heart!!!


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