Thursday, December 26, 2019

12/26/19 - (Project) Life Goes On / Weeks 34 and 35

I'm slowly trying to get back into this thing called life, and in doing so I'm also trying to catch up on Project Life 2019.
I know I won't finish this year, and that's okay.
I'm giving myself permission to not stress.
I've been through a lot this year and most of it just recently.

Though I have been working on my pages, mostly chronologically, I haven't been consistent in sharing my pages because, well, life!
So there are gaps in my sharing...
Next year I will try to be more consistent, as long as I can still find the motivation to update this blog.

In the meantime, here are weeks 34 and 35 (only 17 more to go!)

Week 34 was pretty much (almost) all about the food, hahaha!
Almost all of it Vegan, definitely all of it Vegetarian.
Hamlet and I taking a coffee break made it's way in there also ::smile::

Week 35... um, also food, hahaha!
Those Vegan Nachos from Just Vegana, OMGEEEE
So Yum!!
- for this week, I tried something new: I took one photo and made it a 6x8 and then cut it so that it would fit in 3 pockets; a trick I learned from another Project Lifer.
I ordered the 6x8 from the Project Life App.

 - A song on repeat
 - Binged watched a show (yes, I'm late to the party!)
 - 2 Funny IG posts
 - Also a Pocket Page card I can relate to

I really love the colors on this page!
Product = Elle's Studio, Kelly Purkey, Studio Calico
 + Memento (ink), We R Memory Keepers (page protector), Scotch Pink ATG (adhesive), Sharpie, and Tim Holtz (tiny attacher)

I hope to have a couple more pages to share soon!
Finally, here is a page I created that documents our trip to Waco, Texas... back in May.
This is part of Project Life Week 18

"We made it! We loved it!
But I'm pretty sure now I have diabeetus!
::crying laughing face emoji::
Seriously such a beautiful place and despite all the people it was truly peaceful.
Highly recommended!
My only complaint, they ran out of the Sweet Tea we wanted to try: the Holiday Sweet Tea... booo!
Besides what you see here, there were also lots of different food trucks, a large gift shop, and a garden shop.
Also I had the worse allergies that day... I sneezed at least 500 times, no joke! Good thing I was wearing large glasses, to cover my watery eyes, in the photos!"

All the embellishments on this layout are from Elle's Studio.


Friday, December 20, 2019

12/20/19 .....

I am devastated but feel I should share the news...
The photos and words below have been copied directly from my Instagram because I can't bear to write them again.
This is why I have been so unhappy and needing "simple" in my life the past few months, because I KNEW this would be happening soon. 
How soon I wasn't sure, but soon...

And now it's happened.
My heart is completely broken and I'm not sure how I will be able to go on...
right now I'm just going through the motions of life.
The only solace I have right now is that he was 15 (perhaps a little older as we don't know how old he was when he came into our lives) which is the average life expectancy for a dog, so we know he lived a full and happy life.

"If loved could have saved you, you would have lived forever"
It is with a shattered heart and through absolute gut-wrenching sadness that I share with you the news, that our handsome little prince is no longer with us.
David and I made the difficult decision to let him go yesterday afternoon.
He had been suffering from Spinal Arthritis for nearly 2 years and just recently been experiencing both bladder and bowel control issues and was living on pain meds, that didn't always work. I was hoping he'd at least make it to Christmas, but a couple of nights (in a row) prior to making the final decision Spotty had really bad pain episodes that made me realize that it was time; he couldn't live like that any longer, and it was unfair to ask him to.
Sure I could've upped his dosage but what kind of life is that especially when he couldn't walk without assistance any longer?
For those that don't know Spotty, he was a runner! Oh my God did he love to run!
And though we tried everything we could to keep him mobile: wheel chair, walking strap, us bending over him, helping him balance as he walked...pretty soon nothing worked and we eventually had to carry him everywhere.
We loved him fiercely and Spotty loved us right back, just as much. Even in his final days I could see it in his eyes. What I also saw was a tired boy with a broken body, so I finally agreed to let him go. Even though it hurt like hell, we took our baby to the vet and held him, kissed him, petted him, and told him just how much we loved him as he took his final breaths.
But I'll be honest as much as I keep telling myself we did the right thing, besides being sad about his loss, I am also feeling overwhelming guilt. Even when it is the right thing to do, how do you get over the fact that not only is your pet no longer with you, but it's essentially your fault?
I have cried buckets today & have a feeling I will not be stopping any time soon.
When he went, Spotty took a huge chunk of my heart with him and I seriously wish I had crossed with him because I truly dont know how I'm going to live without him.
Rest In Peace, baby, my Spotty-Too-Hottie.
Mommy misses you SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH! 💔😭


Monday, December 16, 2019

12/16/19 - "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #388

The Challenge this week at "Use Your Stuff" is super simple: Christmas!

Speaking of... who's ready?
I'm not, but then I never really am, but this year seems to be the worst!!!
Ugh, double Bah-Humbug!
Thank Goodness for Amazon's 1 day shipping, LOL

Anyway, onto my project
I created this Project Life page insert of a recent outing with friends:

I actually jumped ahead in my Project Life album because I wanted to scrap some Christmas photos, I mean 'tis the Season right? Plus I really love these photos, and the photos on the flipside, which are not Christmas related at all, but I'm still going to share:

This is one page but it has a flip card feature so I'm showing you "closed" (left) and "open" (right).
Those Simple Stories flip pockets really come in handy!
With that extra pocket I was able to have a title card, a journaling card and include a bonus photo of the adorable llama I got to see! ::mega heart eyes::
If you didn't already know I love llamas (and alpacas...yes they're different)!

Looking at these inserts now I realize, except for the cards and a few stickers I actually really kept them fairly simple and... I like it!
I really need simple in my life right now!

Product details:

Layout 1 -
All the embellishments and most of the pocket cards are from Elle's Studio.
The 4x6 Pocket Card is from Studio Calico and has been in my stash for 3 years

Layout 2 -
All the pocket cards, and most of the embellishments are from Elle's Studio.
Not from Elle's Studio = the date stamp, the "Llama Chill" sticker, and the circle sticker, which is from Kelly Purkey

Other products:
-  Becky Higgins / page protector
- Simple Stories / flip pocket
- Memento / ink
- Sharpie / journaling pens

Friday, December 13, 2019

12/13/19 - "THIS (Lazy Dog Restaurant)"


Well I'm posting more than I thought I would since saying I wasn't going to be updating this blog much any longer, LOL
Funny how that works!
TBH I'm still not all that gung-ho about posting here but I guess I'll just play it by ear.
Just like life ebbs and flows, so does my desire to scrap and share.

Today I'm sharing this 2 page Traveler's Notebook Spread I created for a Blog Challenge:

Actually, this spread was inspired by 2 Challenges.

The first inspiration came from the December 2019 sketch by Rochelle at "Through the Eyes of...Rochelle" blog:

The second inspiration was this December mood board by "Scrap with Stacy" :

I was inspired by the food photos to scrap the VERY FIRST time David and I ever went to Lazy Dog Restaurant.
It was the day after our 16th Anniversary.
We had spent the night in Old Town Temecula and on the way home the next day we stopped by the Temecula Mall to watch a movie and then decided to have brunch.
We came across this restaurant we had never heard of before and wound up loving it!
Since then we have been (very) frequent visitors to the one closer to us, in Rancho Cucamonga.
In fact writing this makes me want to go right now; yum!!

I added this story to my food Traveler's Notebook after coming across the photo last night.
I'm so glad I found it, plus the 2 challenges, and that I was able to document another memory of my life!

- Doodlebug Design "Puppy Love"/ Sticker
- Echo Park "Mama Llama"/ 12x12 Kit
- Elle's Studio / Various Embellishments
- Heidi Swapp "Puffy Chat Bubbles" / Sticker
- Kaisercraft "Suga Pop" / 12x12 Kit
- Kelly Purkey / Alphas
- Sharpie
- ATG (Pink)
- File Label Sticker

Monday, December 9, 2019

12/09/19 "Use Your Stuff Challenge" #387 + Bonus Layout

Dropping in to share 2 layouts.
The first is a 2 page Traveler's Notebook spread that I created for the current "Use Your Stuff" Challenge, which is to use the color 'Mint" on your project.

I had to deviate from the challenge just a bit.
I don't  have anything "mint" nor did I have any photos to scrap that would fit the "mint" theme so I figured, "mint" is part of the "green" family and created a layout using mostly green:

The J. Riley Distillery is my favorite place to get a couple of drinks. They serve my favorite drink, EVER: the California Mule.
Though I do not discriminate; I will also drink the Moscow Mule, the Irish Mule, the Mexican Mule, the Cat Daddy Mule, get the point, LOL

The "This Girl Needs a Drink" stamp is from Kellie Stamps, an Australian Based Shop created and run by Kellie Winnell:
I absolutely LOVE her stamps!
Other products include Amy Tangerine (for American Crafts), Elle's Studio, Kelly Purkey, and Studio Calico.
Other than the stamp, EVERYTHING on here is OLD stash!

Bonus Layout - A layout I just recently created -

Love This: CTPR Visit
A simple 12x12 Digital/Traditional Hybrid layout created in the Project Life App and embellished IRL, with mostly Elle's Studio products.

My favorite part of my trip to Texas was visiting Central Texas Pig Rescue.
If you have followed me long enough you know I am a huge Animal Advocate, and have a pet Mini-Pig (along w/ a dog and a cat). You also may know that I send Monthly Donations to this Pig Rescue.
It was truly the highlight of my Texas Trip to visit the place I have been a huge fan of, and have been sending money to, for a few years now!

I have more stories to document from this visit but those will have to be done another day.
Pigs = Bailey, Carlos, Finn <3 


That is all for me today.
I hope all is well w/ you and yours and that you had a Happy Holiday!

Thursday, December 5, 2019

12/05/19 - Monsterpalooza 2019

New 12x12 Layout, who dis?!

It's been a while since I did a Traditional 12x12 Layout and this particular one was a lot of fun!
It's actually a favorite of mine so I thought I'd share (sorry, Julie, LOL!)

Monsterpalooza 2019

My husband at the Monster Palooza Show this year... meeting his peeps!
He loved it, well mostly this part, but still...LOL
If you recall, he LOVES clowns, especially the scary ones!

Design/Product Details:
- BG paper is called "The Circus" from Carta Bella.
- A couple of random Documenter (AKA Project Life) Cards were used for embellishments: a whole one at the top and I punched a medium circle embellishment from the other one.
- The "Hello" is also punched from a Documenter Card.
- Alphas from Kelly Purkey.
- I used an Avery File Sticker to anchor my title (I outlined it w/ a red sharpie first).
- (Most) other embellishments from Elle's Studio.
- Washi from Target $1 Spot.
- Photo ordered from Snapfish.

I like the larger photo, I think I'm going to do that more often!

03/27/23 Planning with Urban Journal Season Ink

My printer was having issues and I fixed it but during the interim I was not scrapping and lost my mojo ::le sigh:: But I've still been ...