Saturday, December 31, 2016

12/31/16 - "I'm Not The Same"

Just a real quick post on this New Years Eve!
If you don't see me in real life or follow me on Instagram, then you don't already know I went blonde.
I decided after many years of wanting to do I to just it!
I started off slow and gradual, but by the time I went to my last appointment I was tired of "slow and gradual" and borrowed a phrase from Nike when talking to my hairdresser...
I told her "Just Do It"!
And she did!
Since this is the last day of 2016, I figure it was a great time to share a glimpse of all the changes my hair went through this year...
So here it is!
"I'm Not The Same"

The title came from a lyric in the song that was chosen for me in the "December Musical Inspiration" challenge.
The song that I was given was "Where Are You Christmas" from the life-action version of the movie "The Grinch".
As you can see I went very non-Christmas w/ my layout!

I also participated in the "Scraplift the Person Before You" challenge and this was the layout I drew inspiration from:

Well there you have it...
My last Blog post of 2016!
And my final scrapbook page count of 2016 = 68!
Not too shabby!
Happy New Year my friends!


Also entered in the following December challenges:

>Sticker Challenge
22 Used:
-Alphas (16)
-"tres tres chic"
-black and white strip
-flower cluster
-"remember this"
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers off of 3 different sticker sheets; I used 4

2 items:
-The plain red paper
-the glasses

>Scrap W/ Your Scraps
1 Used
-The heart PP

Monday, December 19, 2016

12/19/16 MIM #77

I'm late!
I hate to admit it but I screwed up December's Design Team projects!
I got confused and I did the 2nd sketch for the month first instead of the 1st sketch.
This means I wasn't able to post anything for the reveal on 12/02/16.
Last Monday's post, 12/12/16, was for the second sketch of the month, but since I really love the first one also, and even though the reveal has already happened, I decided to create a layout w/ the sketch anyway!
I'm sharing it w/ you today.
First the sketch:
  MIM #77:
I created my layout w/ a flipped version of the sketch so let me share that w/ you so you have a visual: 
And now here's my layout:
"(Christmas) Faves"
Journaling: "Christmas Favorites:
Song: "Last Christmas" by Wham - Movie: "Elf"
December 2016"
The layout was also heavily inspired by the following December Challenges:
>National _____ Day
--- 1 of 3 challenges I'm hosting ---
Inspired by December 18th "Answer The Telephone Like Buddy The Elf Day"
*NO TWIST* None given
>Music Challenge - Category 3: Artist
I chose Wham
The name "Wham" is in the top photo and I used it in my journaling.
-I used a self-adhesive gold bow embellishment

>Movie Challenge
*INCLUDES TWIST"* of using a Christmas movie
-I used "Elf"
Even though I'm late, the challenge is still up and you have until December 31st to play, so please go check it out: The Memory Nest.
Also including in the following December Challenges:

>Sticker Challenge
Used 12
-Alphas (5)
-Snowflakes (3)
-Self-adhesive bow
-Word stickers (2) - "remember" and "enjoy"
-File Label/Journaling
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers off of 3 different
- I used stickers off of 5 different sheets

>Scrap W/ Your Scraps
I used 1
The green paper peeking out from behind the photos

-BG paper, Snowflakes (4), Alphas (5), Word Stickers (2)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using 12 Hoarded items

Sunday, December 11, 2016

12/12/16 - MIM #78

Make it Monday Sketch #78 is live over at the "The Memory Nest" Blog.

Her is the wonderful sketch you will be working with if you play along:

 MIM #78

And here is the layout I created... out of all Hoarded items BTW.
The newest scrapbook item on here (minus the file labels; date unknown) is from September 2013.

"Family Tradition"
Journaling: "Starbucks while picking out our tree. First time Joseph wasn't
with us; he was missed. 11/20/16"

It's a Family Tradition to go to the Christmas Tree Farm in November to pick out our tree.
We always include a treat either before or after the event.
This year we went to Starbucks on the way to the Christmas Tree Farm.
As you can see from our cold drinks, it was a hot day!

This is the first year our son wasn't w/ us.
At 21 years old, he has his own life now and isn't always around to do things w/ the family.
He was missed but we understood.
And it's something we will just have to get used to.

Looking forward to seeing what you create.
You have until December 31st!


Also including this in the following December Challenges:

>Food Challenge
 of scrapping "food related" photos from either a Thanksgiving or Christmas event.

>Sticker Challenge
15 used
-File Labels (2)
-Alphas (9)
-yellow snowflake circle'
-"Happy Holidays"
Used 4 different sticker sheets (needed to use at least 3)

-Everything on here, except the file labels, is 3 years old or older
Needed to use at least 12 different hoarded items... nailed it!

>Scrap w/ Your Scraps
1 scrap used in 2 places

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

12/07/16 - "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

The layout I am sharing today was inspired by a few challenges...
One of them was the "December Scraplift Your Favorites" Challenge.
For those that don't know what scrap lifting is, here is a definition:
Now that you're all educated, it's time to share some layouts!
 * * * * *
First,  the original...the inspiration... created by 'Scrapanda' :
"Happy Days"
Link to the layout and her gallery:
And now...  my version:
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
Journaling: Hamlet, warm and cozy inside on a cold December Day"
"Friday, 12.02.16"

I think the parts I lifted are pretty obvious so I won't go into detail.
It's been a while since I participated in the (monthly) challenge, and lifting such a wonderful original reminded me how much fun it is.
It's a great way to create without thinking too much and sometimes it forces you to step out of your comfort-zone, but in a good way!
Do you scrap lift?
I'd love to know and if you have any examples of it I would love to see also.
You can include a link in your comment.
Just for FYI -  
My layout was also heavily inspired by the following Challenges:
> December National ______ Day  
  - - - 1 of the 3 challenges I'm hosting - - -
Inspired by December 3rd - "National Roof Over Your Head Day"
Our piggy, Hamlet, is nice and warm INSIDE the house
I used a house sticker to emphasize that
*NO TWIST* None given

>Scrap Your Pet /Animal
-A photo of our piggy Hamlet
*INCLUDES TWIST* of blue and silver:
There's blue in the photo, one of the hearts is turquoise blue, and 2 of the embellishments are silver.

>Music Challenge - Category 1 - Lyrics
Song Lyrics from the song w/ the same title: "Baby, It's Cold Outside"
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using a Christmas Song
Also included in the following Challenges:

29 Used
- Alphas (18)
- Self Adhesive Hearts (3)
- File/journaling tab
- House
- "xoxo"
- Self Adhesive flower
- Wood button
- red/white "ticket"
- "memories"
- brown tab sticker under at the bottom (under memories)
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using stickers from 3 different sticker sheets - I used stickers from 7 different sheets

23 Items Used
- Alphas (18)
- doily
- flower
- button
- brown tab sticker under at the bottom (under memories)
- striped PP
*INCLUDES TWIST* of using 12 or more hoarded items

>Scrap W/ Your Scraps
1 scrap: the striped PP


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