Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/30/15 - My Creative Life Wrap up for 2015

It's almost the end of the year and I'm not sure how much more creating or sharing I will be doing between now and then...
So just in case I can't get on here again I wanted to share w/ you a bit of my Creative Life as it was for 2015.

As you (may) know for approximately 8 months of this year I didn't scrapbook.
I just didn't have the motivation.
During that time I tried to be creative anyway and my art journal was what I would reach for.
After all, art journals don't require much...just a few everyday supplies (pencil, pen/marker, eraser...) and some imagination.
The catch was...I was lacking the imagination.
I did create a couple of pages but my heart just wasn't into it.
It was like I was "creating" because I had to, not because I felt like it.

I finally had to admit, my mojo was truly ALL areas.

Eventually my scrapbooking mojo came back and it came back strong!
I started scrapping again in September 2015 and since that time I have created 17 layouts (18 total for the year).
I have also applied and been chosen to be part of a Design Team...
      and I have finally started Art Journaling again!

The art journaling came back via another creative outlet.

Here's the story (as told on my Instagram Account on 12/21/15):
About a month ago I bought a small notebook from @Target. I bought it because I'm a sucker for office/art supplies and for Target's $1 spot...but I had no real goal for what to use it for. Fast Forward to last night when my husband and I were having a convo about art and "hand lettering" came up... I know, weird right? But I suddenly knew what I would use my notebook for! I'm always looking for ways to grow as an artist and have been interested in hand lettering. I googled a few free tutorials for some tips...but realize I will have to buy a book or take a class if I want to get serious. I like my handwriting but I know that I can improve it and take it to the next level...

So thanks to a new creative interest, and a cheap $1 notebook, an old creative interest has been revived.

Here are the pages I have completed so far along w/ the journaling I included when I shared the images on Instagram:

Created 12/18 and 12/19
(Journaling for these already shared above)
"Snicker Doodles" and "O'Christmas Tree"
#HandLettering / #ArtJournal pages from last night 12/21/15.
While watching "It's A Wonderful Life" for the first time ever ( or actually, I should say, 
 the first time I ever stayed awake through the whole thing, LOL). Good movie!
FYI -I saw the Snicker Doodle quote on IG on another artist's page:
@heatherosebee13. I do
not take credit for it but I loved it so much I wanted to include it in my Art Journal.

 "Coffee O'clock"
Yesterday morning I took a photo of the wall of coffee mugs at @starbucks. Later that
afternoon I came across a cute hand painted quote over at the IG account of @oneartsymama:
"It's Coffee O'clock"
Coincidence? I think not...
and so this
#ArtJournalPage was born!
 "OITNB" and "Harry Potter"
A couple of Art Journal pages to share today.
Left - The "Orange is the New Black" logo....My inspiration: Christmas Evening David went to bed early due to a headache and Madi was in her room being an 'anti-social teenager' so I binged-watched all but the last 2 episodes of the latest season of "OITNB" (yeah , I had to tap-out but I finished watching the next day).

Right- "Harry Potter"....My Inspiration:
@GetMessyArtJournal; an Art Journaling Inspiration group. I'm not a member but I'm considering it. I found out their latest theme is "Season of Magic" and decided to create a page. When I think of 'magic' I think of Harry Potter.
I found this cute tutorial that teaches you how to draw a chibi version of the Harry Potter characters and followed it to create this page. It was fun! I may go back and draw some of the other characters.
I'm really enjoying this renewed feeling of wanting to create!
I am looking forward to carrying it over into the New Year and to learning new techniques!
I want to thank you, my loyal readers... or as I like to call you... my friends for being here for me even when I really didn't have anything very interesting to say/share.
I have enjoyed following along in your journey as well and will continue to do so.
Here's to a Happy, Prosperous, and Creative New Year!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

12/27/15 - Reading Challenge Update

I haven't stopped trying to tackle the list...
But I did slow down quite a bit.
With it being a busy time of year (at home and at work) and having found my artsy-mojo again (yay), I haven't had as much time to read.
The year is almost over...4 days away from a new year...and I know I wont be able to squeeze in any more book reading, or at least book finishing, before then so I am here to report the last of my list.

The last 2 books I've read are:

Which satisfies the category of
   . a book set during Christmas

Which satisfies the category of 
   . a book written by someone under 30
The author turned 30 this past November but published the book in March 2014.

Both books were "okay".
If your looking for a book to just pass some time, the first will work.
The second was a bit better, but I kept comparing it to John Greene's "The Fault in Our Stars" which it had a faint similarity to, but it just wasn't up to par as far was writing goes. It actually dragged for me so it took longer to read than I had planned.

This finishes off the challenge for me.

I read 25 books and checked off 23 categories (26/24 if you count the one I made up!).
Not too bad...but definitely not as close as I would have liked.
But it was still fun!

I plan to do another reading challenge next year, but I plan on making it a bit more flexible:
1) It will not require me to check of categories
2) I will not set a number of books to read, I will just try to read as many as I can...
The challenge will be to see how many I can read.

Finding time to read next year will be a challenge in itself!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12/23/15 - Coming in 2016

Remember about a month ago I blogged about trying out for the "The Memory Nest" Design Team? Well, I was chosen to be part of the Team!

I am sharing with you part of the Design Team Introduction blog post.
To read more of my bio and meet the rest of the Team, click on this link: 2016 Design Team


Sunday, December 20, 2015

12/19/15 - "...Confident"

And here I am...AGAIN...

Layout #17 for 2015

Lots of journaling on this one!

Journaling: "I have a confession to make...
I'm 40 years old and I love to take "selfies". If you pay attention to my IG feed that
doesn't come as a surprise to you, LOL 
Some may call it conceited, but I say "what's wrong with being confident"?
It's an important step in my growth as a person. I used to hate the way I looked but as I've
gotten older I've learned to love myself, flaws and all. I'm not saying there aren't things I still
dislike about my appearance... and if I can change them I will... but for those things I can't, they
 are no longer my focus. Instead I prefer to focus on the beauty...even if I am the only one who
sees it."

Created for the "December Music Inspiration" Challenge.

"The purpose of the challenge is to create a layout using something from a song, whether it is all or part of a title, lyrics or artist name. The fun part is you do not get to chose your own song - the person who signs up after you does!" 

The song that was chosen for me was: "Confident" by Demi Lovato.

I used some lyrics from the song in my journaling and title: "what's wrong with being confident?"

Not 100% happy w/ this.
It didn't come out exactly how I envisioned it in my head...but it's done!
I AM happy with how it made me dig deep within myself and discover how I feel about "me".

BTW - It is a total coincidence that I just recently made a similar themed page about my daughter!

Friday, December 18, 2015

12/18/15 - "You Don't Know You're Beautiful"

Hi there!

With me on vacation I had a feeling that I would be on here more...
Which is a good thing because part of my goal on my vacation, besides trying to relax, is to scrap!
So here is another layout I created (yesterday).

 Layout #16 for 2015
"You Don't Know You're Beautiful" 
 Journaling: "Getting a picture of you is very difficult these days because you're going through a stage where you think you're ugly. It makes me sad that: you don't know you're beautiful".
I think we all go through this stage at some point in our lives... even more then once and through out, even as adults we still do, I know I do! But I think as a parent it really hurts to have your child go through it.
We're constantly telling Madison how beautiful she is but she doesn't want to hear it/doesn't believe us! ::sigh::
Anyway, even though it makes me sad I wanted to capture the "story" and have a reason to use 2 photos of her from 2 different events on 1 layout.
BTW - her dad is the only person who can get her to take a not fair!
I created this for 2 challenges over at

Challenge # 1 - "December Ugly Paper Challenge":
The rainbow colored paper and the red and white polka dot paper are my "uglies" sent to me from another player:

I used the red and white as my BG (obviously) and the rainbow paper as a mat for the bigger photo and a frame to cover the people in the BG of the smaller photo of my daughter so that it would just focus on her .
If I had these paper in my stash I never would have thought to use them together, or with the photos I wound up using, but I love the way it turned out!
*I didn't use the embellishment because it didn't work w/ the theme of the layout.

Challenge #2 - "December Music" challenge - Category 1: Lyrics
I used lyrics from "That's What Makes you Beautiful", from One Direction, as part of my journaling/title.

Need to go back and add the dates of the photos but they were taken: (L) 12/05/15, (R) 10/04/15

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12/16/15 "Pig In a Blanket"

Layout #15 for 2015
I loved this photo so much I couldn't wait to make a layout w/ it!
I took the photo in the morning and as soon as I had the opportunity I scrapped it; that day (today)!
"Pig In a Blanket" 
Journaling: "December 16th, 2015... Posted on Instagram: Pig in a blanket...
Yeah, I went there! LOL It's actually 2 blankets and 1 is electric"
For the "December Scrap Your Pet or Animal" challenge

Just a heads up - I'm on vacation for a week starting today; a stay-cation.
Just taking a much needed break from work...
So I may be posting more than usual.

TIA for your visits and comments!

Monday, December 14, 2015

12/14/15 - "This Time of Year"

Layout #14 for 2015
"This Time of Year"
Journaling: "Christmas Conifers Tree Farm... November 22nd, '15... Picked out our tree today. My favorite part was the Apple Pie Smoothie at "Juice It Up" afterwards."

The reason I chose "this time of my year" as my title and not something like "Christmas time" is because I'm referencing the time of year that we pick out our tree, which is in November not December, therefore not technically "Christmas time", plus I'm referring to the "time of year" the holiday goodies start coming out, such as the Apple Pie Smoothie.
Created for/Included in the following Challenges:

> the "December Music" Challenge - Category 2: Song Title
I chose "This Time of Year" by Brook Benton
I included the twist of "silver and red" - see buttons and crystals

> the "December Hoarders" challenge since I realized EVERYTHING on here is AT LEAST 2 years or older!


Friday, December 11, 2015

12/11/15 - Someone is Having a GiveAway!

It's not me though.

I am posting this because I'm a sucker for a "giveaway" and because I love discovering new creative people to follow who will hopefully inspire me....

Please visit Alexandra's blog:  GiveAway

If you enter, good luck!

Monday, December 7, 2015

12/07/15 - Photo Bombed by Don Quijote

Did you pause for a moment when you read that title?
It is a bit weird, right?

But it's true...well, kinda!
My recent layout will explain more (click on image to enlarge):

 "Photo Bombed by Don Quijote" 
Journaling reads: "Throwback to that time in Spain when we got photo bombed by
Don Quijote. 
And, on this day of thanks, I want to say I am thankful for this man!
Without him I would have missed out on so much in life. W/ my social anxiety
leaving the house is hard enough, but traveling to another country? Yeah, that
never would have happened. Thank you, baby!"
Photo: 10.25.15    Journaling: 11.26.15 Thanksgiving"
I had posted this photo on Instagram on Thanksgiving Day as a "Throwback Thursday Photo" w/ the intention of being funny, but because it was Thanksgiving it segued into a "thank you" to my husband.
Here's the original post: Thanksgiving 2015.
When I created the layout I decided I liked what I wrote so much that I would keep it as my journaling: both the funny and serious parts, although I had to paraphrase a bit in order to fit it on the layout.
Because of the "bi-polar" nature of the journaling, I wasn't sure what to title the layout so I just went w/ what I thought was the most obvious...
But as you can see there really is no clearly defined title on the layout itself.
Although I like titles, they're not always necessary.

I also went a bit sticker crazy but I sometimes I just really love the look of a cluster of stickers!
In fact when I was finished, I kinda wish I used more.
I notice that when I buy a scrap kit, I generally don't use all the stickers and I want to do that more...
There are 4 actual stickers on here, the "OH, SNAP" is not a sticker but it looks like one.
It's actually the "border" piece of one of the papers I used. I saw it and thought it would fit the layout so I cut it out, outlined it, and glued it amongst my cluster!

BTW - The kit I used was "Oh, Snap" by Echo Park.
Echo Park is one of my favorite Scrapbook case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas... ::wink, wink::

03/27/23 Planning with Urban Journal Season Ink

My printer was having issues and I fixed it but during the interim I was not scrapping and lost my mojo ::le sigh:: But I've still been ...