Monday, September 28, 2015

09/28/15 - 1st Layout Since January

I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore so I am pretty sure I am just talking to myself but... JIC... Hello! Good Morning! Good Afternoon! Good Evening!
Today I am sharing the first scrapbook page I have made since January!
Drum roll please...........

Journaling:"Madi hates taking pictures but on this day, her thirteenth birthday, she let me.
I refer to that moment as: "A Birthday Miracle!"
I created the layout for 2 challenges over at
The "September Movie Challenge": use a movie as your inspiration.
I chose the movie "Thirteen" (came out in 2003.)
-and -
The "September Sticker Challenge": include stickers on your layout.
I used 10 stickers on this layout (not counting the title, which is also stickers).
Twist = use a number sticker.  My "number symbol" counted for the twist.

The Title can be read 2 different ways/has dual meaning: "number" Thirteen or "hashtag" Thirteen.
I'm not gonna lie, even though I enjoyed the process, there was some anxiety mixed in as well.
I am so out of practice that I felt like I couldn't get my groove!
It took 2 days to complete this layout.
I got the basic idea and put everything down and then walked away from it before deciding if it needed anything else. Day 1 was a whole lot of that!
Day 2 was the realization that I liked it pretty much the way it was, adding a few extra little touches and then getting it scanned, cropped, and uploaded.
I did make a few mistakes that I had to cover up, which lead to some of the sticker choices, LOL
Like I said I'm out of practice...
But overall, I am very happy w/ it!
Which then lead me to create another layout which, completely coincidentally, is also about a birthday; this time my son's.
Journaling: "Joseph loves archery, so for his 20th birthday we bought him some
shooting time at a local range. Since I'm uncoordinated and Madison is shy, David
volunteered to shoot w/ him."
A challenge was the inspiration for this layout as well:
The "Boys Will Be Boys" Challenge.
Create a layout about a boy/the boys in your life.
2 layouts in one weekend after almost a year of nothing?!
I'm hoping this means I'm back!
Only time will tell...
But I will say, I'm looking forward to the next time that I can scrap and I joined a couple of challenges on that require an actual commitment once you've signed up...
I'm hoping my new found excitement and the fact that I have made these commitments will allow me to churn out at least a couple more layouts!

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