Wednesday, July 16, 2014

07/16/13 - CPC: Cootie

I'm back w/ another DT project!
Today's inspiration from "Child's Play Challenges" is the game "Cootie":
I remember playing this game w/ both of my kids when they were younger.  It's one of those games that will continue to be around for generations!
Here's what I did w/ it:

"Witches and Spells" 
Journaling: "Goofing around at Tom's Farms October 13.13"
The green-faced "cootie" reminded me of the green face of the witch in these pictures of my son and daughter posing w/ a Halloween prop.
BTW - if you're wondering about the "shimmery"'s not actually that way.  It's actually just a textured BG but for some reason it became distorted on Blogger.  It doesn't look that way IRL or in my photo gallery at home.
Row-weird!! (that's how David and I sometimes say "weird"...LOL)
Okay, moving on...
Besides the CPC challenge I was also inspired by a sketch from "Colorful Creations" :
So far I still seem to be sticking to the simpler style layouts.
I have mixed feelings about it. I like that I can get layouts done quicker without feeling stressed, therefore allowing me to get more done during my rare moments of spare time, however I sometimes feel like the layouts aren't quite "finished".  But I think eventually I will get used to it.
I'm just glad to be scrapping again!
Not much else to say...
So I leave you w/ a reminder to check out the rest of the projects over at CPC!

Monday, July 7, 2014

07/07/14 - "Very Merry 2013"

Good Monday morning to you!

Whew I am exhausted!
I had a busy weekend!
Besides celebrating "Fourth of July" and taking care of the normal household duties, David and I have been working on our backyard.
We took down our kids old (very large) swing set/play structure about a month ago.
And after covering most of the leftover dirt area w/ sod, we are building a fenced-in garden area complete w/ raised garden beds and a drip system and a tool storage/work table. We are doing everything ourselves a little at a time every weekend.
David is doing most of the work, after all he is the one w/ the muscles (LOL) and the know-how, but I am helping as well. It's a lot of work and w/ the weather being as hot as it's been, it is quite draining! We are almost done though and we are very excited!
I never thought I'd be into gardening but I totally am!
About a month ago we purchased lots of flowers and plants, including 2 rose trees, for our front patio and ever since we brought them home they have been my babies!
Nice to have something else to nurture now that my real babies are pretty much all grown up!
Speaking of is a rare occurrence, a picture of me holding one!
We were at a friend's daughter's B-day party, another part of our busy weekend, and I was holding their new little one.
He was a cute, quiet baby...the kind I like, LOL, so I picked him up!
No idea a picture would be captured. 
The party was a last minute thing and I had no time to get ready, so I am not at all happy w/ the way I look in the picture.
But oh well, I'm not vain enough to hide it...
Besides, the baby and the moment that was captured are both cute enough to make up for it!
Anyway,  the reason for my post today?
I am sharing a layout I recently created.
I am sharing it for no other reason then because I am so excited to have scrapped again, LOL!
I created this for 3 Challenges over at
"Christmas in July" -self-explanatory,
"July Hoarders" - Everything on my layout, except the journaling labels and title number stickers,  is approximately 10 years old (possibly older),
"Scrap Lift the Person Before You" - I scrap lifted this layout by Oleysa: 
"Very Merry 2013"
Journaling: "Christmas 2012 - Sparkle the Elf and Chuckles the Clown didn't get along.
That wasn't the case in 2013.
Sparkle even wanted a picture w/ Chuckles (and some other friends)
but Chuckles was still a bit cautious. 12.6.13"
As you can see mine is nowhere as "fancy" as hers but I'm just glad I was able to get another page done!
I had forgotten how much fun and inspiring the challenges are over at!
After a 4 month break I am enjoying reacquainting myself w/ the site.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

07/02/14 - CPC: Colorforms

Good Morning!
Just stopping by to share a Design Team creation.
But before I do so, a little bit of info.
As I mentioned in previous postings, I was a member of 4 Design Teams.
I also mentioned that I had to quit those DTs when I made some changes in my life; positive changes.
Although it made me sad to do so, I realized it was what my family and I needed.
I haven't regretted my decision, as my family is the most important thing in the world to me, but there are times I miss it.
Lucky for me, 1 of my Design Teams, "Child's Play Challenges", has allowed me to stay on in a "as you can contribute" status.
This is great for me, because it allows me to remain on the team w/out the pressure of having to contribute when I realistically can't.
I am a happy camper about that and send a special shout-out to my DT leaders Devra Adler Hunt and Steffanie Seiler!
You ladies are the greatest! ((HUGS))
Okay, with that being said, here is my first DT creation in over 4 months:
As I stated this is for "Child's Play Challenges"
The inspiration this time around?
"Good Times (Ethel Grey Factory)"
Journaling: "Joseph and Madi take pictures pictures w/ their M&M twins outside of the
Ethel Grey Chocolate Factory in Las Vegas, NV 3.17.14"

Since my break from scrapping 4 months ago I have only created 4 layouts.
I've noticed that my layouts so far have a minimalist feel to them. Because of that you may not see how I incorporated the inspiration piece into my layout...
Colorforms are like reusable stickers so I was inspired to use stickers on my layout: I used 5.
Also, the Colorforms in the picture example are shapes which inspired me to include arrow and triangle shaped stickers.
Thanks for stopping by!
Please take a moment to also stop by the CPC blog and check out the rest of the inspiring examples!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

07/01/14 - "My Scraps and More Sketch" #85

So...I scrapped again!

And this time it was for a challenge over at "My Scraps and More".

Here is their sketch:


And here is what I was inspired to create:

"Today (Panini 12/27/13)"

This is one of those layouts where I couldn't think of a title so I just used one of my "word" embellies
as my title. And, since the title "Today" can be used on a lot of layouts, I sub-titled it w/ Panini's name and the date to distinguish it from other layouts I've created that may have a similar name.
I had stopped following most of the challenge blogs because it became overwhelming to see them on my blog roll when I had no time/desire to scrap.  Now that I am getting back into scrapping a bit, I need to find them again.
"My Scraps and More" happens to be one I just re-discovered and was happy to see they still inspire me!

What about you, what are your "go-to " blogs when you need inspiration?
Let me know so I can check them out!

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