Thursday, June 19, 2014

06/19/14 - TBT

Hey there!
It's Throw Back Thursday!
While I don't normally participate in this...
(I can honestly count on one hand how many times I have... )
I felt like doing so today.
The reason?
Well, I noticed that I wasn't keeping up w/ my counts of how many layouts I have done this year...
which, BTW I am waaaaaayyyy behind!
And in order to do so I had to compare what layouts I have uploaded to and add the layouts I have completed since my last upload; I haven't uploaded in quite a while!
The last upload to was February 22nd; that was layout number 14.
Since that time, and before my break, I had completed 2 more layouts, making my total = 16.
And...since that time, I have created 2 more, making my total = 18.
So 18/100 layouts. Yeah like I said, way behind!
At this point I will have to create at least 13 layouts each month to meet my goal...
Ummmm, yeah, not gonna happen!
Anyway back to my original story.
While I was checking out my gallery, I noticed that someone recently "favorited" one of my older layouts. 
Yeah I know "favorited" is not a word, but whatevs! ("whatevs" is also not a word) LOL!
The layout  happens to me one of my favorites too, so I figured I'd share:

This layout was created in March 2009 and here is the description I included w/ it:
A very simple lo I created for the "What's Your Scrapping Obsession -March 2009" Challenge.
The challenge is to use the products, photo subjects or materials you use often; use as many of them as you can on one lo.

Lately I can't seem to make a lo w/out:
> Outlining (see page border, photo corners, pic)
> Circles
> My Curvy Cutter (this time I used it as my template for my big circle)
> My Photo Corner punch (although I don't always use it as a photo corner)
> My black Zig pen (fine point side)
> Handwritten journaling, and
> I love buttons! Use them on almost all my lo's

Journaling reads: "Madison wishes she could wear glasses. Thanks to her father and my horrible eyesight, her wish will probably come true! Seeing how cute she looks in my glasses, I kinda hope she has to. 10/2008"

Thinking of all the layouts I have created since them, not must has changed in regards to what products I use often... the exception being buttons and my photo corner punch.

As far as life, much has changed...specifically, in regards to comparison to these pictures, Madi does wear glasses now and
she has had braces and has had them removed...
that in itself was a 4 year process! Whew!
Also, I no longer have that comforter or those curtains that are in the BG of the picture.

Hey, you know what, these TBTs are actually kinda fun!
It's interesting to see what has changed since then.
Maybe there will be more in my future!

Friday, June 13, 2014

06/13/14 - Finally!

Finally some scrapping!
Nothing too elaborate though...
It's been such a long time so I just want to ease back into it.
"Another Xmas"
Journaling: "Ivanna, 14 yrs old, makes it to another Christmas. 12/18/13"
"Rock Star"
Journaling: "Drinks and Play Station Sing Star at Ryan and Nancy's.
Mine and David's voice were hoarse at the end of the night. 5/24/14
Pictured: Me, David, Nancy, Ryan and Melva
Not Pictured: Valerie, Mario, Dawn and Dominic "
If the pictures look a bit weird it's because I had to take pictures of the layouts and crop them and I'm not very good at that!

"Rock Star" was partly inspired by the current challenge over at "ARTastic" .
Here is their inspiration piece:

"The Jam Session" by by Max Mannix
JUNE inspiration - The Jam Session by Max Mannix
Unfortunately I forgot to include distressing, which is part of the criteria, so I won't be eligible for the prize...but since it was inspired by "ARTastic" I still wanted to mention them (and share it w/ them).
BTW - The B&W pic for the "Rock Star" layout was not an artistic choice. For some reason I can't get my printer to print in color anymore! WTHeck?! See what happens when you take a break?? Things fall apart! LOL! Luckily for this layout it worked out, but I really gotta figure out what the problem is...
Anyway, it felt good to get some scrapping done!
Don't know when I will scrap again...
Hopefully it won't be as long as last time!
Thanks for stopping by!

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