Tuesday, May 27, 2014

05/27/14 - Regretting "Kim"?

Hello there!
Just wanted to stop in and say "hi" and share a little something.

In case your wondering... I still haven't scrapped.
I've thought about it, but thinking about it is about as far as I get.
Sometimes I go Scrapbook.com and look at the layouts there...trying to get ideas for when I finally get to scrapping.
I also occasionally browse through my gallery to look at my old layouts.

I was doing that this morning and had to chuckle when I came across this one:

Journaling: "Not only is she gorgeous with a fabulous sense of fashion...she seems
really nice & fun; I would love to hang w/ her!"
I made this layout in February 2011.
I used to love Kim!
Actually I think it is safe to say "obsessed with" would be the better way to describe it.
I also loved all things "Kardashian".
Back in 2011 she and the rest of the clan weren't as bad as they are now.
The funny thing, and the reason why I chuckled at this layout, is that not only am I no longer obsessed w/ her, I can't stand her at all!!!! Any of them! LOL!
Oh well.
I don't regret this layout because it was fun to make, I love the design of it (if not the subject), and it is funny to look at all these years later!
Okay that's all for now!
I'll try to check in again soon!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

05/08/14 - "But First...

...let me take a 'selfie'"!
Hi there! LONG time NO BLOG!
It's been over 2 months!
It's been that long since I've scrapped too!
Again, yikes!
But it's all good! Life is good!
I'm still a Happy Camper just enjoying life.
I will hopefully be scrapping again soon, although I am not putting any pressure on myself to do so.
I'm just enjoying life and the freedom of not feeling like I need to scrap at this time.
I quit/took a break from all my design teams to focus more on my family, my hubby, and our happiness.
Needless to say that put a damper on just about all my other goals for this year too.
But I don't mean that in a bad way! Not at all!
I am VERY happy and those original goals were just things I wanted to do, but when other more important, more meaningful things came along, I readjusted my "wants" and my priorities.
That's how life works!
Any way, here's why I'm here today.
First let me explain my title: "But first, let me take a 'selfie'".
It's from a song.
If you've never heard the song, here is the video.
Warning it's annoying so you probably won't be able to sit through the whole thing! I
know I couldn't! Still haven't! LOL!
But at the same time it's funny!
I love 'selfies'!
Some people do go overboard when posting them, but for the most part they're fun!
Plus it's a good way to get pictures of yourself since, if you're the family photographer like I am, you're never in the pictures!
So I decided to document "me" this year by taking a 'selfie'-a-month.
Here's what I have so far:
January 2014
February 2014
March 2014
April 2014
 May 2014
It's also a way to document another one of my goals this year: the goal of growing out my hair!
Which, BTW, is the only goal I've stuck w/ this year! LOL!
But that's a whole other blog post!!
I hope to get back to blogging again, and as I said earlier, scrapping...but I will see how it goes.
I have missed it (a little bit).
And I will get back to visiting blogs again.
I have started to do so the past few weeks...I'm sure some of you noticed!
Until next time, I hope you all are doing well!!!
And don't forget to take those 'selfies'!!!!

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