Saturday, February 22, 2014

02/22/14 - (Relaxing) Together

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Hi there!
Yes, It's me...again!
I've been a busy scrapper the last 2 days: I have completed 4 layouts.
2 are for future DT reveals, 1 I shared yesterday and 1 I will share today:

 "(relaxing) Together"
Journaling: "Madison and Panini are so cute when they are
relaxing (Together)"

This is another really simple layout; I've been doing that a lot lately.
I took the negative space part of the pink cardstock I cut the heart out of when I created my "Luv Is...US" layout and glued it to the kraft BG paper.  I then outlined it w/ my black zig and added the picture and a cluster of embellishments: stickers, journaling block, chipboard hearts (both the positive and negative parts), gems and a file lable for journaling and it was finished. 
The picture has a lot of color in it so excep for adding just a few colorful stickers, I didn't want to overwhelm the page.
I had trouble w/ the title...but as I do when I have trouble I just looked at the picture for a while and allowed thoughts to flow through my mind. The thoughts that came were "they're so cute" and "how do I describe this picture? They're not doing anything but relaxing.." and then I thought I should put those thoughts together to create my journaling and title.
Yup, my thought process when it comes to some of my layouts is very laid back...LOL
But hey, whatever works, right?

I am entering this layout into the following challenges since they helped inspire me:

"Twisted Tuesdays" - Anything but a card + chipboard
Obviously this is not a card and the heart pieces are chipboard


"Use Your Stuff" - Challenge #123
Hearts - I have 3 hearts on my page

This layout makes puts me at 16 out of 100 in regards to my yearly goal.
That's great because that makes me right on schedule!

Friday, February 21, 2014

02/21/14 - "Farrell's"

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Here it is, Friday night and what am I doing?
Yup, I am such the wild child! LOL!

Got 2 layouts done!
Sharing 1 of them now.

This one was created for the latest challenge over at "ARTastic".
Their inspiration piece was this work of art:

It inspired me to create this:
Journaling: "Our first visit to Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor. We had a brownie sundae, and
ice cream nachos, and fish tacos (not pictured). We were so full after! 12/29/13"
I liked the red and black paint splatters in the original piece and decided to mimic it w/ mist.
I  grabbed a 12x12 piece of off white cardstock and a stencil and sprayed it first w/ some red mist. Then I moved the stencil just a bit and sprayed it w/ the black mist. As you can see there is blue in my pictures which also goes w/ the color scheme of the original piece. Not planned but works perfectly!
After it dried I trimmed my photos so that when I laid them on the page they would have a staggered look to them. I was able to use one of the pictures for my title, so all that was left was adding some journaling, washi, and a few little embellies and done!
Easy peasy and so much fun!
Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to create super simple layouts that cause me zero stress!
I need to do that more often!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

02/19/14 - "3..2..1..Launch... Oh, Nevermind!

Last week I mentioned my family would be joining some friends and their kids for a rocket launch at the park.
I thought I'd stop by and let you know what happened w/ that.

It was a fail!
But not anybody's fault, unless you blame the guy at the hobby shop who sold us the kit!
According to David, the man told him that the kit was easy to put together and that everything he needed was in the box.
When David pulled it out at the park, not only was it in a "million" pieces, needed other items we didn't have on hand. Booooooooo!
David partly blames himself.  He said he should've looked everything over before bringing it to the park. We are going to give it another try, maybe next weekend.
David plans on putting the rocket together at home first though.

The day wasn't a total loss though.
David had packed lots of other things for us to do:
frisbees, a football, cones and ball for some dodgeball action...
It was a lot of fun!

The park we went to is fairly new, less than a year old, and big! So we had plenty of room for fun!
There was a lot of us there, 13 total,  and we ranged in age from 2 - 38.
Guess who was the oldest??
::raises hand::

But I was still out there playing.
In fact here is a picture from our dodgeball game:

Can you tell which one is me?
It's okay if you can't. I couldn't find me at first and I knew what I was wearing that day!
I'm the one in the black shirt and jeans on the left hand side
David and I had a laugh at the fact that I pretty much blended in w/ the kids!
Can you believe that one of the kids didn't even know what dodgeball was?!
She kept saying: "I don't know what to do."
Our answer: "DON'T GET HIT BY THE BALL! "
BTW - as hard as David and his friend were throwing the ball, you REALLY didn't want to get hit by it. Talk about brutal...Ouch!
The day was pretty good...except for one thing:
Madison slipped in some water while trying to catch the frisbee and sprained her ankle.
We took her home and iced it for the rest of the day and kept her off school on Tuesday.
By Tuesday afternoon, the swelling didn't really go down that much and she still couldn't walk on it so David took her to Urgent Care.

 Turns out she had a fracture....poor thing!
The doctor wrapped it, gave her some crutches and told David she should see a Specialist to make sure she didn't need an actual cast.
At this point it's looking like she'll be in it for at least 3-4 weeks.
Unfortunately that will ruin our Spring Break plans.
But right now that's not our main concern. Right now we're worried about getting her through the inconvenience of this situation.
But we have to laugh a little bit. I mean who else would go to the park to launch a rocket and come back with a fractured ankle?
 Never a dull moment!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

02/18/14 - SIT Febuary Sketch

Good Morning!
Happy Monday...I mean Tuesday-that-feels-like-a-Monday!
Is it Friday yet?!
I was so not ready for my weekend to end.
I swear, even w/ 4 days it was still too short!
I'm missing my house, my kids, and most of all my honey!
Oh well, back to reality!
As I was perusing my blog, I realized I forgot to publish this post last week...
Good thing the challenge is a month long!
Unfortunately since it came back at short notice I was unable to participate in January's sketch assignment.
Today I bring you February's sketch and my layout:
"Petting Zoo"
Journaling: "Madison and Joseph's favorite part of every fair"

I went a little crazy w/ the patterns on here...but it was so much fun!
However, I realized after I was done w/ the layout I didn't scrap much of the "petting" part of the Petting Zoo! LOL!
Oh, well! I REALLY like the pictures and they are AT a petting zoo so it works!

Please stop by the blog and check out the other great layouts!
Because we only have to make one layout a month for SIT there is less demand on our time which means more DT examples for each sketch!
It's fun seeing the different interpretations of the same sketch!
We'd like to see yours as well!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

02/16/14 - "Connecting"

Good Sunday Evening to you...well it may not be Sunday evening by the time you read this but it is as I write this.
One more day left to my 4-day weekend and then back to work ::BIG SIGH::
Have a fun day planned tomorrow: David, me, and the kids are joining some friends and their kids to shoot rockets at the park.
Our kids are old, 12 & 18, and David realized we had never done that w/ them before!
Oh well...better late than never!
Today we spent time at the hobby store looking for the best one.
I'm crossing my fingers that the experience will be a successful one.
 After the hobby store shopping spree and some household chores were taken care of,
David settled down to watch basketball and I got some scrappy time in.
I created this layout.
Journaling: "Xmas 2013
David and Madi playing w/ the gift Santa brought our family."
After the hustle and bustle of Christmas died down and it was just the 3 of us at home (Joseph was in Ohio), David and Madi decided to play w/ the "Connect Four" game Santa gave our family.
We had "Connect Four" a long time ago and it disappeared.
Right before Christmas I was talking about how I wish we still had it and David and the kids agreed and I guess Santa heard us because it was under our tree on Christmas morning.
I used a couple of papers from my "Well Played" 6x6 paper pad by Carta Bella.
It's "game" themed and also looked great w/ the Christmas paper.
Love how it ties the 2 themes together!
 I also used the following sketch from Stuck?! to help me out:
I had absolutely no plans to scrap today so I am happy that I was able to do so and to have a layout that makes me smile!
Now if only I could say the same about the mess in my scraproom...yikes!
I guess I know what I will be doing w/ the rest of my day tomorrow!

Friday, February 14, 2014

02/14/14 - "Luv Is...US"

Happy Valentine's Day!
I wasn't planning to post anything today, but I had time to create a layout today and the theme of my layout happened to be "love".
"Luv Is...US"
I really love this picture of David and me.
I love how cute and playful it is and decided to scrap it in a cute and playful way!
Not a whole lot of "structure' to this layout, unless you count lining up each of the chalkboard stickers.
Although I already had an idea of how I was going to scrap this picture, I used the following blog challenges to inspire me:

Use the word "love" on your layout.
As you can see the word is on a couple of the chalkboard stickers.

This is the inspiration piece they provided:

I was inspired by the pink and cut the large heart out of pink cardstock.


Friday Challenge - "Love is..."
The challenge is to create a layout that tells what love means to us.
For me "love is"... my husband and me (us).
Also we had to use the following color palette:

This is the 2nd layout I've done since my last post 2 days ago.
It felt good to scrap again!
I felt refreshed and ready and these challenges certainly helped w/ the mojo!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

02/05/14 - CPC: "Be My Valentine..."

A new challenge is up over at "Child's Play Challenges".
Our inspiration this week is
"Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown"
I am a huge Peanuts/Snoopy fan so I was really excited about this challenge!
However, when it came to creating a layout I surprised myself because I didn't scrap anything Peanuts or Snoopy related.
Instead, since Snoopy is a dog, I was inspired to scrap a picture of one of my dogs:Spotty.
I was also inspired by the chevron on Charlie Brown's shirt and by the "love" theme using it to describe how much my dog, who is an outside dog, loves to come in the house.
 "In The House"
Journaling: "David doesn't like Spotty in the house because he sheds. But when the weather's bad, or
sometimes just as a treat, we let him in and he loves it!"
You have until the end of February to participate.
Hope you'll join us!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

02/04/14 - SID February Single Page Layout Team 1

Hey there!
Today I am sharing the first sketch of the month for "Stick It Down", along w/ the layout I was inspired to create.
 "Hey Girl"
I am "in love" w/ hexagons right now, and jump at the chance to use my hexagon punch, so I was really excited when I saw this sketch! I am also currently "in love" w/ selfies and collages so I decided to incorporate those loves as well!
(BTW - I apologize in advance for all the pictures of me! LOL!)
This picture was taken back in November 2012. I happen to think it's a cute fun picture of me and when I realized I hadn't scrapped it I remedied that really quick! Because of my current love of collages, which are really easy to make at home BTW, I decided I would just repeat the image instead of scrapping it as a single picture. 
I love the way it came out!
Please join us!
You have until 2/10/14.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

02/01/14 - SIWAS: "Little Things"

Happy 1st day of February!
Today a new challenge is up at "Scrap It w/ a Song" .
Song is "Little Things" by One Direction.
A band my daughter loves but for some reason I just can't get into, which is a surprise since I love boy bands!
Here are the lyrics: Little Things
I used the title of the song as the title for my layout.
"Little Things"
Journaling: "My new cat top bought at Target for $12.99. Cute and inexpensive but totally
makes me smile! Sometimes it really is the... (Little Things)"

Excuse the picture of me...I was make-up free and just came home from an intense morning which I will be discussing at a later time.
After these pictures I took a long nap! LOL!

I used this sketch from "Let's Get Sketchy" to help me w/ my layout

You have until the end of February to play along w/ our song challenge.
Hope you will join us!

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