Friday, April 26, 2013

04/26/13 - CPC: "Guess Who?"

Hello! Hello!
I have been really slacking on my blog! Yikes! LOL!
I was a day behind on my "Scrap It With a Song" challenge and now here I am 2 days behind on my "Childs Play Challenges" challenge!!!
Oh well, better late than never! 
The current challenge at CPC is a classic game challenge.
We want you to share w/ us a project inspired by the game "Guess Who?":
 Here is what I was inspired to create:
"Guess Who?"
"Madi fell asleep while doing homework. 10/20/12"
As you can see I was double-inspired!
I used the title of the game as the title of my layout and I pulled most of the colors off of the game box and onto my layout!
The inspiration for my layout also came from 2 other sources:
They are currently having a sketch challenge. Here's the sketch:
As you can see I kinda went crazy w/ the circle elements of the sketch...but what can I say, I love circles! Surprisingly I didn't use that many buttons. I say surprisingly because I love buttons too, but they weren't working very well for me on this layout.

2.> "Twisted Tuesdays"
Challenge details: use "chocolate and one of the following: chalk or glitter or spritz spray or distress inks or copic markers (or a mixture of any)"
I used "chocolate colored paper for my BG and a little bit of spritz on the large circle.

So in the end I wasn't really double inspired but more like quadruple-inspired!

I hope you are inspired too!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

04/25/13 -SIWAS : "Foolish Games"

Good Morning!
I'm a day late getting my post up! Oops! 
Yesterday a new challenge went up at "Scrap It With a Song".
The song we are inspiring you with is "Foolish Games" by Jewel.
Remember that song?
I loved it when it was popular! But at the time it came out... I was only 20 yrs old so I liked the song but never really truly paid attention to it's lyrics. When completing this challenge I looked them up and realized what a sad song it actually is! Awwwwww!
So now how to make a layout out of a sad song?
Just try to forget  what the song as 'a whole' means and pick from the lyrics the not-so-sad parts.
That's what I did w/ my layout. The lyric "smoking your cigarettes and talking over coffee" jumped out at me because it reminded me of all the times I take the kids to Starbucks. I love taking them there to have delicious coffee, non-coffee for the kids, drinks and just chatting w/ them!
I found some old pics of my daughter at Starbucks and scrapped those.
I was saddened when I realized I didn't have any of my son. So I will definitely be making sure to set up some Starbucks photo shoots w/ him in the future! LOL!
"Talking Over Coffee" 

And if you like my layout, thank you, but I can't take full credit for it.
I was actually inspired by another challenge; a sketch challenge over at "About a Girl".
Here is their sketch:

 They are actually a brand new blog and this is their first ever challenge!
Congrats to them for the blog and how amazing is their first sketch?!
That is it for me today.
I hope you'll stop by and join us! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

04/18/13 - SIT SKetch #109 Part 1

Good Thursday Morning Friends!

Stopping in to share the latest sketch challenge over at "Sketches In Thyme".

Here is the 2-page sketch that we are (hopefully) inspiring w/ this week:
Sketch #109

My interpretation:

*all papers are from Nikki Sivils' "It's Your Day" Collection*
I wound using the middle of the sketch as my inspiration; that's a first for me.
Usually w/ 2 page sketches I pick one side or the other but in this case my eye was drawn to the middle elements. 
Also, I took a lot of pictures of this event, however, I choose to pic only 4 pictures I thought really captured the story.  This is not something I usually do, as I can never seem to narrow down my pics into my absolute favs because usually they are ALL my faves, LOL! But there is definitely more freedom and room to move around when you don't have to worry about fitting every picture on the page!  I will definitely be doing more of this in the future.
BTW - just in case you're wondering, I do have a printed copy of every picture I took, I just didn't use them on my layout.
You have until the close of the month, on Tuesday, April 30, 2013, to link up your takes on this sketch and/or any of the other April sketches.  Your entry(ies) will put you in the running to be named one of our Top 3 and have the opportunity to guest design with us during the month of June!
Have fun, and good luck!!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

04/13/13 - Punky/Tuesdays : "Easter 2011"

How is everyone doing? I hope well!
Just wanted to stop by and share my latest layout.
This layout was inspired by 2 different blog challenges.
First inspiration came from the "Punky Scraps" gals!
I used their latest sketch and kept w/ the challenge guidelines of using lots of yellow and feather and/or Easter embellies.  Although it wasn't required, I was inspired to scrap some old Easter pics of my kids.
Here is their sketch:
And my interpretation :
 "Easter 2011"
Also "Punky Scraps" encourages the use of paint and ink on your creations so I made use one of my un-inked stamps; the flowers. I'm not much of a stamper but I really like the extra little "oompf" the stamp added to my layout!
Speaking of un-used items...
the Second blog inspiration was "Use It Tuesday".  The main theme of their blog is to use hoarded items. This week's challenge is specifically asking for the use of "sticky" things. So besides the un-inked stamp I used a few stickers and the title is made up of hoarded self-adhesive letters.
Both were great challenges to work with!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

04/11/13 - SIWAS: "Love Fool"

Hi All!

There's a new challenge up at "Scrap It With A Song".
This is the second challenge of the month.
In the spirit of that very silly day, April Fools Day, we are inspiring you all month w/ "foolish" songs!
The song inspiration this week is "Love Fool" by the Cardigans.

I was inspired by the line "Love me, love me, say that you love me" (although I had to change the spelling of love).

I created another layout of our new addition, Panini. This is the 3rd layout of her I've shared this month and I have only shared 5 so far! So yes, it's safe to say I am "in love" w/ her! LOL!
Here is my layout:

"Luv Me"

"Panini looks so cute in these pics! It's like she's saying, "I'm so adorable
you must... Luv Me!"

The pictures aren't that clear because I took them w/ my camera phone from far away. If I had gotten closer to get a better shot, she would have ran off and I wasn't about to risk losing these cute shots!
Despite the fact the the pictures aren't perfect, you can still see how adorable she is!
Now it's your turn to show us how the song inspires you!
Pick some aspect of the song to include in your creation - the lyrics, the title, the band name . . . pretty much anything! Just be sure to let us know what inspired you, if it isn't obvious.

Here is a link to the lyrics to help you out: "Love Fool" Lyrics.

You have until April 30th, 2013 to link your creation! 
Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

04/09/13 - "5th Grade Grad"

The layout I am sharing today was actually created w/ some help from my daughter.

I was having severe scrappers block w/ this layout.
Everything I tried looked so "blah".

But my daughter stepped in and helped me out.
I was throwing paper combos together and I kept asking her opinion.
She was honest in telling me what she liked or disliked.
However, I still was not "feeling it".
I was actually about to forget the whole thing when she insisted upon a particular combo we had tried.
Although I wasn't thrilled w/ it, I figured I wasn't happy w/ anything else anyway, and since I was scrapping a picture of her, I might as well go w/ what she likes.

Here it is what we came up w/:

"5th Grade"
"Madison 2 months away from graduating from Elementary school"
My daughter helped me pic out the BG paper and scalloped circle picture mat.
I then added a matching 6x6 square of PP and a few "school" embellies to liven it up.
I think the reason I was having so much trouble was because I was trying to represent 2 different stages of life in the layout.
The picture is of my DD graduating Elementary and moving on to Middle school.
So in essence she is still a "little girl" graduating into a "big girl".
I wanted the layout to be not too babyish yet not too grown up.
A bit conflicting, no doubt!
In the end though I think I was able to convey that idea pretty well.
I  am happy w/ the end result!
When I thanked my daughter for helping me out, telling her the page came out really nice, she said,"That's cuz I have great taste in scrapbooking!" LOL!
(BTW - last time i checked this layout has been re-pinned on Pinterest 22 times! Wow! That makes me feel really good!)

Monday, April 8, 2013

04/08/13 - "Dog Pile" A Challenge Layout

Good Monday Morning!
Just stopping in really quick to share a  layout I created for the "Creative Scrappers" blog.
I created my layout using their latest sketch.
Here is the sketch:
And here is my interpretation of it: 
"Dog Pile"
I was drawn to the sketch because of the circles; I just love circles on a layout! I use them a lot!!!!
And it is a 1 picture sketch so it was perfect for the picture I took of my kids messing around this weekend. Yup, that's my daughter crushing, ::ahem::, sitting on my son, LOL!
I took the pic w/ my phone and filtered it w/ Instagram. 
I love the old-time feel of the pic and used muted colors to carry over that feeling to the rest of the layout.
Incidentally, the sketch I used is also a challenge going on at another blog: "Use Your Stuff".  Since I used a lot of old goodies on here, the only new product is the BG paper, I decided to enter my layout in their challenge as well.
So although I didn't mean to, I actually completed 2 challenges w/ this layout.
Happy accident!
Love those!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

04/04/13 - SIT Sketch #107 & CPC

Hi all!
It's been a while! It feels like forever but in reality it's only been about 3 weeks since I last posted.
Life has been a bit busy and frustrating as of late, but it's all good now so I am hoping I will be able to check in more often.
For today I am sharing 2 layouts:
The first is for the latest sketch over at "Sketches in Thyme".
Sketch #107
"Someday I'll get you! Muahahaha! 2.17.13"
Madison's cat Panini is always hanging around and on top of our fish tank.
Whenever I see her trying to get at our 2 fish, I always imagine she is saying "Someday I'll get you!"
I really enjoyed putting this together because I had so many colors I could pull from the pics and I love mixing different colors!


The second layout was created for the current challenge over at "Child's Play Challenges".
Our inspiration this week is "Matchbox Cars".
Here is the inspiration pic:
"Toy Cars"
"Panini is introduced to toy cars but doesn't play w/ them
the way Madison hoped. 3/17/13"
I recently captured some pics of Madison and Panini playing w/ Hot Wheels. Well, actually, Madison was playing w/ them and Panini was just staring and sniffing at them. Madison was hoping Panini would play w/ them but they didn't really seem to interest her beyond the initial inspection. For this layout I used lots of leftovers. Which is great because I have a whole box of new stuff coming in the mail soon, LOL!
Please stop by either, or both, blogs and share what you were inspired to create!