Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/31/12 - Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello friends!
I have been awarded the Sunshime Blogger Award by friend Tanya over at Creative Endeavors.
She and I have recently become friends thanks to our mutual love of scrapbooking and blogging and I am finding that we have a lot in common!
How cool is that?
Thanks, Tanya for thinking of me!

Okay, so the official Sunshine Blogger Award rules are:
1. Include the award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them.
Rule #1 and #2 were easy, but I struggled with #3!
The problem isn't that I don't think I'm interesting... cuz I am! LOL! It's more that the Q&A structure of it felt too much like a test and I am awful at tests.  So, as generally the case w/ me... I am going to accomplish the goal set out by "rule #3" but in another way.
Have you seen the segment in US Weekly called "25 Things You Don't Know About Me"? It's where celebrities share 25 things that the public doesn't know about them.  That's the format I'm going to follow, but I'll only be listing 10 things:
1.   My biggest fear is the dark. I have been afraid of the dark since I was a kid. Blue whales are a close second, but I don't generally run into blue whales in the course of my day.
2.   If I could go back in time to any era, I would go back to the days of Marilyn Monroe, when women with curves were considered sexy.
3.   My favorite gift ever is my GPS. (I'm directionally challenged). My hubby gave it to me for Christmas one year and I tell him that he didn't just give me a GPS but that he gave me the "world"!
4.   My best trait is my sense of humor! I am constantly making people laugh. My hubby says I have the "sense of humor of a man"...he meant it, and I take it, as a compliment.
5.   My favorite item of clothing is pajamas! If I don't have to leave my house... I am in pajamas!!
6.  I love nachos... I mean love, love them... like I want to "marry them" love them! LOL! But only w/ fake cheese, none of that shredded then melted stuff!
7.  I can't sleep with my bedroom door freaks me out! Which causes friction w/ my hubby cause he can't sleep w/ it closed cuz he gets too hot.  We have compromised to have it "cracked"...a very little crack...just enought to let some air in (it still freaks me out though)!
8.   I have 2 major style pet peeves that send me over the edge: open-toed shoes w/ out polished toe nails and racer back tops w/ regular bras...they sell racer back bras for a reason! (Sorry if you do this, but if you do and I see you, know're causing me anxiety!!!)
9.   I love to include movie quotes in my everyday speech. Some of my favs: "You're killing me, Smalls!", "Dishes are Done!", "Shut-Up, Richard!", and "You'll have to excuse my friend...he's a little slow..."
10.   I generally have no filter and say whatever is on my mind no matter what it is.  Sometimes that comes off as rude.  I understand this and as I get older I am trying really hard to work on it!
Now it's my turn to nominate some people...

My nominations:

Michelle: 3 Monkeys Throwing Around Some...Paper!
Lydia: Flock of Siegels
Darlene: Scrappy Go Lucky
Jade: Jades Addiction
Elizabeth: My Life...And All That Goes With It
Julie: Life with the Tucker-Wolek Clan
Linda: Love Fields
Pamala: Pam's Electic Stuff
Rebecca: My Cluttered Corner

If your able to play along...please do! It's fun getting to know everyone!
And check out everyone's blog as well! There are great ideas and inspiration on each!



Monday, October 29, 2012

10/29/12 - Weekend Highlights

I'm in recovery today...
recovering from my birthday weekend!
It was great but I'm tired!
wow! I can barely write this blog post! IDK how I'm going to make it through my work day!
Let me share my weekend:
On Friday, we were all off - the kids from school and me and my husband from work.
So we decided to go to the pumpkin patch and try out the corn maze they have.  The maze consisted of well, a maze of corn... and hidden posts in that maze that included numbers that we had to write down and use later on as a code to unlock the door to go into another maze. Then in that other maze we had to do the same thing, figure out the code in order to unlock the door to the get out of the maze. It was hard!  We were in there for about an hour and we only made it out because we started working w/ other people in the maze to get the codes.  There was a total of 8 hidden posts and we only actually found 4!!! Yikes! But we made it out and as our prize for doing so we received these:

Bracelets that say "I Conquered the Maze"

On Friday night me and my hubby went to LA to have dinner and drinks and then to see "Lucha VaVoom".
We had dinner at Trader Vic's a Hawaiian Themed restaurant which was pretty darn good! I had a couple of Mai Tai's and I was feeling pretty "happy"...(I'm a total lightweight BTW)
Then we went to the show.
For those who don't know, "Lucha VaVoom" is a show w/ a combo of Mexican Wrestling(Luchadores) and burlesque dancing. I know, I know it sounds weird but the shows are fun! We went to our first one for Valentines day and when we received an e-mail about this show, which was Halloween themed, we decided to go again. Again, it was really good! The show was sold-out, that's how popular it is! I only had one complaint... they were running hour late!  I hate waiting so by the time the show started I was a bit upset! But I got over it.

Here's 2 pics from the event:

On Saturday, My actual birthday, my hubby had to work and my son was at his dad's.  So while my daughter was hanging out with her cousin, who we had over the night before to babysit her, I cleaned. I have been really tired lately so my house was being neglected. I know cleaning on your birthday does not sound fun but it had to be done and I felt accomplished after so really it was okay! What I didn't want to do was cook though! So we went out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants - Outback. Again, delicious food!!!! I had a crab avocado appetizer that was to die for! We were going to order dessert so that it could be my "birthday cake" since I don't really celebrate my birthday...but we didn't wind up actually ordering dessert because when my daughter and I took a bathroom break, my sneaky husband called our waitress over and informed her it was my birthday and they brought over a complimentary dessert: an ice cream sundae big enough for the 3 of us to share! It was yummy! The hot fudge was sooo good! I could have eaten a bowlful of just the hot fudge and been a happy camper!
Finally, Saturday night, we went over to our friends' house to enjoy some drinks and late night snacks. It was a quiet affair but I like quiet. I tried a new drink called a "cactus cooler" and I loved it! (I also enjoyed a few shots) But as I stated erlier I am a lightweight. So on Sunday I was so tired and dehydrated and just didn't want to do anything! So other than a few loads of laundry, I vegged in bed and caught up on my shows: "Private Practice", "Grey's Anatomy", The Mindy Kaling Project", "The B in Apt 13"...yes lots of TV watching! Oh and I completed a layout but I can't share it just yet because it's a DT project!
Despite my vegative state of yesterday I am still so tired! Uggghhh!
Getting old stinks, LOL!

BTW - in case you're wondering I am now 37.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/24/12 - Inspired layout

Who has 2 thumbs and scrapped last night?
This girl!!!
Okay, so that expression doesn't work very well w/ out the visual of me pointing to myself w/ my thumbs... but you get the idea!
Yes, I scrapped on a week night... such a rare occurance.

I have my daughter to thank for that!
After school she goes to my in-laws house until I get off work to pick her up (my hubby gets off work later than I do). Usually she does her homework, or as much as she can w/out my help. Generally there is still a lot of it to do when we get home along w/ making dinner cleaning up and getting things ready for the next day. Mind you I have to do this all w/ in a 3 hour time frame because I get home around 6 and she goes to bed at 9. Many times she winds up going to bed late :0(  Well, last night when I picked her up, my daughter got in the car and said, "I have good news and bad news". 
Geeze not the first thing you want to hear, right? So I said "Okay, hit me w/ the bad news first."  She said, "I didn't finish my math"... this elicited a ::groan:: from me.  "Okay, what's the good news?", I asked.  She said "I didn't want us to be up all night doing homework so I did my 1 hour of reading and wrote my just have to correct it".  I don't think I ever felt so happy, LOL!  Okay, I have but you get the idea. 
So last night as she was doing her math, with a little help from me, I was scrapping!
See the math she needed help w/ was word problems. She has trouble understanding what math she's supposed to do.  I think we all did! Shoot I still do sometimes!  But once she knows what to do she is fine w/ actually completing the math. Which is good cuz that part is beyond me:  multiply fractions and mixed numbers?!? Are you "cray-cray"?!?

Anyway onto my layout!
First I have to let you know that I was inspired to create this layout from a fellow scrappy friend.
You may actually know her: Julie Tuker-Wolek.
She recently had a post on her blog about using 6x6 pads of paper.
Here is the post:

When I read and saw what she did I was immediately inspired!
I remembered having a paper pack from back in the day when I first started scrapping...I don't even think my daughter was born yet, that's how old it is!!! I loved it when I bought it but I don't think I ever made anything w/ it...LOL! Actually, that's bad!
So last night I dug it out.  But, my paper pack was 8x8 not the 6x6 I thought it was so I couldn't do what Julie did.  BUMMER!  But I was still inspired and determined to use that pad of paper in someway.

Here is a pic of the pad of paper:

So totally "old school", right?
And here is the layout:


Everything on here, except for the thread and BG paper is from that pad. Altogether I used 10 items from the pad to make this layout (I count the title as 1 item even though it's 4 letters).  Not bad for supplies that have been in my stash for approximately 10 years!
And it reminds me of the old school style of scrapping too! I remember when all my layouts used to look like that, LOL!
I had a good time making this layout and felt accomplished for using up some more old supply!
Thanks Julie!!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

10/22/12 - Weekend Highlights

It's Monday...the start of another week.
This week is not just any week though, it's my birthday week!
My birthday is this Friday and for the past 3 weeks I have been struggling w/ how I feel about that.
I flip flop between the excitement equal to that of a little kid, to sadness that I'm another year older, to thankfulness that I survived another year, to... who cares, it's just another day.
Right now I'm in the "whoo-hoo" phase! That's because I know that this week I have two fun outings to look forward to:
On Wednesday night, me the hubs and the kiddos are going to see "Dralion", a Cirque DeSoliel show and on Friday me and the hubs are going to LA to see "Va Va La Voom" a wrestling/burlesque show.
We've been to Cirque and Va Va La Voom shows in the past and they've always been a good time so I am definitely looking forward to them!
Oh! I almost forgot what this post was supposed to be about: my weekend!
Well, not a whole lot happened this weekend.
It was kinda quiet actually, which is nice sometimes.
We did some more Halloween shopping:
  • costumes for my husbands crazy clown display that he will have up in the front yard this year and
  • more candy because some people in my house have been sneaking some out of the bags that were not supposed to be open until Halloween  ::ahem:: David, Madison and Joseph...
Yup, like I said, pretty quiet.
I do have one piece of exciting news though...
I was selected to be on the Design Team for "Sketches in Thyme"!!!
Yay me!
I have been on their team in the past and it was really fun, but unfortunately I had to cut my time short because of some issues that popped up in my life.  I'm so happy I have another opportunity to be a part of their team!!!
My term starts in November so be ready to see a lot of fun sketches posted up on my blog!!!
I also scrapped this weekend.
I created 3 layouts:

One I shared Saturday and these 2:

"Halloween 2009"

Both are lifts of layouts from fellow members.

There is a lot of great inspiration on that site!!!
Oh and one more thing... I went to Target last night and I was looking for something to use to be the "home" for my instagram pics. I mentioned last week I wanted to print them out and maybe scrap them but I wasn't sure what direction to go in: layouts or Smash book.. and I stumbled across a this on clearance:

Regularly $12.99 on clearance for $9.08.
Only this style was on clearance,  I don't know why, but figure it was meant to be so I scooped it up! 
Now I just need to figure out the best way to print my pics and I should be good to go!
Well, thanks once again for stopping by and reading my ramblings!
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10/20/12 - About a Layout

Hi there friends!
I am here today to share w/ you a layout I made last night...

Wait! What? Did I say I was going to share something scrapbook related? Well, that's just crazy!
I know, I know.
Lately my blog has been less about crafty stuff and more about "me" stuff.
Which I'm okay w/ because there is more to "me" than just scrapbooking.  Also, when I decided to start this blog I promised to be true to myself sharing the good, the bad, the ugly and the occasional crafty. (That explains my blog title choice.)

I usually don't blog on the weekend but I was excited to share this page w/ you!
Since it was Friday and I didn't have to worry about homework or getting stuff ready for school or work the next day, I cracked open a delicious Bud Light Lime-a- Rita and decided to start sorting through my abundance of scrapbooking supplies in hopes of getting in some cleaning and purging.

Well I didn't get very far w/ the whole cleaning thing because almost immediately I came across this red scalloped scrap of paper. On one occasion I had used one end of it, cutting off the scallops, to place on another layout.  On another occasion I had used it to trace and cut out a large heart embellie.  I remember saving it to be used for future embellies.  But when I picked it up last night I loved the way it looked "as is".  So just for HA-HAs, I placed it on a black piece of cardstock and loved the way that looked as well! I then went digging through one of my stacks of 'to be scrapped' pics and came across a pair of pics i have been wanting to scrap for awhile but could never get an idea that would work. And, while digging through my pics, I found a bag of smaller scraps that I thought might work with the layout as well.  

So let the creating begin!
I swear the crafty Gods were on my side last night because my layout came together almost as if by magic...
Everything seemed to fall into place so easily.
A scrap here, an embellie there...
I really didn't have to do a whole lot of thinking or planning...just kinda went with the flow and in the process released some of my tension, got rid of a lot of my scraps and put a dent in my embellie stash.

When I was finished, this is what I had created: 


Not bad, huh?
Well, I love it...
but I'm not sure who to thank: the scrapping Gods or the Lime-a-Rita... or maybe both!!! Whatever, or whoever, it was... put a smile on my face last night and another completed layout in my stack!

Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 - Weekend Highlights

I got some scrapping done!
I actually created 3 layouts: 2 I'm happy w/ and one that is just "eh".

Before I share let me explain that I have a lot of old supply in my stash that I have decided I need to get rid of! I figured before I actually get rid of it, I should try using some of it first.

"Ur Such a Ham"
Used a Sketchabilities sketch.
Only 2 items on here are "new" - the title letters and the BG paper
I even busted out my old flower punch!

"B-day 10"
Again only 2 items on here are "new" - the Smash Book Journaling tag and the large strip of blue spotted BG paper.
 "Spinning For Her"
Nothing on here is "new". I used my old star punch to make the "banners" under the pic in the bottom left hand corner. 
This is also the layout I really don't like!

I may go back and redo "Spinning for Her" becaue I'm not too thrilled w/ it.  But I will wait for a may grow on me.  And, as I have learned from my friends at "Done is better than none"!

Well that's all from me today!
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/9/12 - Weekend Highlights & DT Call

Good Monday...errr...Tuesday morning!
I'm a day behind.
This past weekend was a 3 day weekend for me. 
Thanks to Christopher Columbus, and the fact that I work for the County, I had Monday off!
Yay me!
I did a little bit of scrapping!
Funny I had a 3 day weekend but it seems like I had less time to scrap than on a regular 2 day weekend.
Here's the 2 layouts I made:
"Snoopy Halloween Decor"
(a scraplift from a fellow Member)

"Pretty Kitty"

The second layout was created using a Sketches in Thyme sketch and is my entry into their Design Team call. I have been out of the scrapbook world for a while and now I think I am ready to tackle being part of a DT again. I have been on 2 in the past and I enjoyed it very much! As a matter of fact Sketches in Thyme was one of them.
Here is the original sketch:
If you're interested in applying for the DT call as well here is the link:
It is open until October 20th.
Hope you had a good weekend and have a good week!

Friday, October 5, 2012

10/4/12 - Flashback Friday

Good Morning!
It's Friday, Friday, Friday!

And as usual I haven't had time to scrap so I am sharing layouts I made in October of 2010 (hence the title Flashback Friday).
I did this last month for September but accidently shared 2 October layouts! Oopps!
So to make up for that I am sharing 2 September layouts along w/ an October layout just to make things "Even Stevens"!!
Does that make sense?
Actually, wait, don't answer that, cuz i know that most of what I do doesn't make sense!!! LOL!

Anyway, here are the layouts:

"Peep Show" (9/10)
 "I luv This Pic" (9/10)

"She Knows How to Keep Cool" (10/10)

Monday, October 1, 2012

10/1/12 - Weekend Highlights

Hello and Good Morning!

  • Got some scrapbooking done:
"Basket Fun"
(Based on a sketch)
"My Sugar Factory Goodies"
(A scraplift of a fellow scrapper over at

I had a great weekend and am looking forward to the next one. Only 5 more days to go, LOL!

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